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  • Ontario Real Estate Association says procandidate ads were put up in error

    first_imgTORONTO – The Ontario Real Estate Association is pulling four election-focused billboard advertisements as it steps away from political advocacy amid a spat with the Toronto Real Estate Board.OREA said Tuesday that four billboards supporting two candidates in the provincial election were put up “in error” and will be removed.The real estate association said the signs were accidentally erected after Outfront Media, a marketing company hired by OREA, missed an email requesting that they not be posted, OREA vice-president Matthew Thornton said TuesdayOne billboard reads “Taras Natyshak – A strong local voice for Essex homeowners” and other three read “Charles Sousa – A strong local voice for Mississauga-Lakeshore homeowners.”Sousa is the Liberal government’s finance minister and Natyshak is a New Democrat member of the legislature.He said OREA voted last week to step away from some of the political activism it had planned for the provincial election campaign and put more focus on advocating for affordable home ownership.“It was a really unfortunate error…It was something that shouldn’t have been up in the first place,” said Thornton on Tuesday. “As of today, (the billboards) should be covered up.”Outfront did not immediately respond to a request for comments.The billboard error comes amid increasing scrutiny on OREA, whose chief executive is former Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak.In a letter obtained by The Canadian Press last week, Toronto Real Estate Board President Tim Syrianos slammed OREA for endorsing politicians with “member dues without member’s knowledge and buy-in.”“We are collectively mandated to work with whatever party is elected to produce policies that benefit our members, consumers and our industry. Our members should be free to support whomever they choose and it would be arrogant to align with any one party or candidate that may conflict with the beliefs of members,” the letter said.“For these reasons, and with all due respect, we request and advise that OREA avoid taking overt political positions by supporting individual politicians.”OREA and TREB have repeatedly declined to comment on the specifics of the letter, referring The Canadian Press to a joint statement released May 11 that said the letter is “not reflective of the long standing and positive relationship” between the associations. They said they hope to resolve the discussions “amicably and internally.”On Tuesday, OREA and TREB again referred The Canadian Press to the statement, but Thornton revealed more details about OREA’s “Keep the Dream Alive” campaign, which is meant to raise awareness around the lack of affordability young people are facing in the housing market.The billboards were part of the campaign until the board axed them because it wanted to ensure it was putting the larger campaign first, Thornton said.As part of the campaign, he said OREA will still be involved in candidate debates and surveys, advocacy work around home ownership and the lack of housing supply, and will engage with politicians at Queen’s Park when the provincial government returns to session. OREA will also launch digital advertising in spring and the fall.OREA has had to adjust its mandate after it lost the ability to provide educational courses to realtors after December 2020, when the Real Estate Council of Ontario put out a request for proposals to find a new body to administer such courses.Last April, it announced that Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and learning management company NIIT Canada would take over realtor education.last_img read more

  • Opposition Parties PJD Responsible for MoroccoEgypt Media Tension

    Marrakech – Several Moroccan opposition parties are accusing the current leading party the Justice and Development Party (PJD) and the Moroccan media for the recent escalation of tensions between Morocco and Egypt. They hold the PJD responsible forthe Egyptian media campaign against Morocco.The Secretary Generals of severalopposition parties, including the Independence, Authenticity and Modernity party, the Socialist Union of Popular Forces, and the Constitutional Union party, held an urgent meeting on Monday to discuss the “the artificial media tension between Morocco and Egypt”, according to a press release.During the meeting, the parties reportedly voiced their “Wonder about the artificial sabotage at the media levelofthe relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Arab Republic of Egypt, which have been always linked by cooperation and mutual respect.”The opposition added that it “strongly condemns that some have adopted rumors and exploited the media in order to poison the relationship and sow confusion and discord between Morocco and Egypt.” The opposition also “reaffirms the depth of the special historical relations between the two brotherly people and their leadership, as there is a strong desire to develop the relationship in the economic, political, and cultural fields.”The opposition parties heavily criticized the way that the PJD dealt with media campaigns between the two countries, and ultimately held the party responsible for the tensionsbecause it leads the government.“The opposition parties express disapproval of the irresponsible government’s treatment of this artificial tension, especially of the party that leads the government, which is known for narrow partisan opportunism.”Moroccan national television channels recently aired reports that describe the Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah El Sisi, as the leader of a military coup. Many consider the report to bearesponse to Egyptian media’s campaign against Morocco.Some Egyptian media believe the report to be an attempt by the supporters of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to damage the relations between Morocco and Egypt.Edited by Timothy Filla read more

  • ICE Futures Canada Tuesday morning Canola prices mostly higher barley unchanged

    WINNIPEG — Prices were mostly higher in mid-morning trading at ICE Futures Canada on Tuesday:Canola: Nov. ’17 $1.30 higher $497.50; Jan. ’18 $0.60 higher $502.60; March ’18 $0.20 lower $507.30; May ’18 $0.90 higher $510.90; July ’18 unchanged $511.50; Nov. ’18 unchanged $486.00; Jan. ’19 unchanged $487.70; March ’19 unchanged $490.40; May ’19 unchanged $490.40; July ’19 unchanged $490.40; Nov. ’19 unchanged $490.40.Barley (Western): Oct. ’17 unchanged $145.00; Dec. ’17 unchanged $148.00; March ’18 unchanged $151.00; May ’18 unchanged $151.00; July ’18 unchanged $151.00; Oct. ’18 unchanged $151.00; Dec. ’18 unchanged $151.00; March ’19 unchanged $151.00; May ’19 unchanged $151.00; July ’19 unchanged $151.00; Oct. ’19 unchanged $151.00. read more

  • Visa Inc 3Q profits rise 11 beating expectations

    NEW YORK — Payment processor Visa Inc. is saying its fiscal third quarter profits rose by an adjusted 11% from a year earlier, as more consumers spent more on Visa credit and debit cards.The San Francisco-based company reported a profit of $3.10 billion, up from $2.33 billion last year. The company had a one-time $600 million charge last year related to legal expenses.On a per share basis, Visa earned $1.37 a share, which is more than $1.33 a share that analysts had been expecting.Consumers and businesses spent $2.230 trillion on Visa’s network last quarter, up 8.7% from 2018. Visa earns a small fee on each transaction run on its network.Total revenue for Visa was $5.84 billion, up from $5.24 billion a year earlier.The Associated Press read more

  • Economists survey 34 expect a US recession in 2021

    WASHINGTON — A number of U.S. business economists appear sufficiently concerned about the risks of some of President Donald Trump’s economic policies that they expect a recession in the U.S. by the end of 2021.Thirty-four per cent of economists surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics, in a report being released Monday, said they believe a slowing economy will tip into recession in 2021. That’s up from 25% in a survey taken in February. Only 2% of those polled expect a recession to begin this year, while 38% predict that it will occur in 2020.The economists have previously expressed concern that Trump’s tariffs and higher budget deficits could eventually dampen the economy.The Trump administration has imposed tariffs on goods from many key U.S. trading partners — from China and Europe to Mexico and Canada. Officials maintain that the tariffs, which are taxes on imports, will help the administration gain more favourable terms of trade. But U.S. trading partners have simply retaliated with tariffs of their own.Trade between the U.S. and China, the two biggest global economies, has plunged. Trump decided last Wednesday to postpone until Dec. 15 tariffs on about 60% of an additional $300 billion of Chinese imports — granting a reprieve from a planned move that would have extended duties to nearly everything the U.S. buys from China.The financial markets signalled the possibility of a U.S. recession last week, adding to concerns over the ongoing trade tensions and word from Britain and Germany that their economies are shrinkingThe economists surveyed by the NABE were skeptical about prospects for success of the latest round of U.S.-China trade negotiations. Only 5% predicted that a comprehensive trade deal would result, 64% suggested a superficial agreement was possible, and nearly one quarter expected nothing to be agreed upon by the two countries.The 226 respondents, who work mainly for corporations and trade associations, were surveyed between July 14 and Aug. 1. That was before the White House announced 10% tariffs on the additional $300 billion of Chinese imports, the Chinese currency dipped below the seven-yuan-to-$1 level for the first time in 11 years, and the Trump administration formally labeled China a currency manipulator.As a whole, the business economists’ recent responses have represented a rebuke of the Trump administration’s overall approach to the economy.Still, for now, most economic signs appear solid. Employers are adding jobs at a steady pace, the unemployment rate remains near a 50-year low, and consumers are optimistic. U.S. retail sales figures out last Thursday showed that they jumped in July by the most in four months.The survey showed a steep decline in the percentage of economists who found the $1.5 trillion in tax cuts over the next decade “too stimulative” and likely to produce higher budget deficits that should be reduced, to 51% currently from 71% in August 2018.The Associated Press read more

  • DR Congo presidential contenders to receive use of UN helicopters for campaigning

    The Mission, known by its French acronym MONUC, has made the helicopters available to the DRC’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric told reporters today in New York.Congolese voters go to the polls on 29 October after President Joseph Kabila and Vice-President Jean-Pierre Bemba obtained the two highest totals of votes during the first round of elections on 30 July. Provincial assembly elections will also be held on the same day.Mr. Dujarric said MONUC decided to release the helicopters after the official campaign period for the run-off round was reduced from 30 days to 15, making it more difficult for the two candidates to traverse the vast African country that is comparable in size to Western Europe.Some 50,000 polling stations will be operating across the DRC, one indication of the scale of the elections, which represent the most complex electoral-assistance ever undertaken by the UN.The elections are the DRC’s first free polls in 45 years and are intended to cement its transition from a disastrous civil war. The six-year conflict, widely considered the most lethal fighting in the world since World War II, cost 4 million lives through combat and attendant disease and hunger. read more

  • Velux EHF CL 20112012 Poll THW Kiel and AG Copenhagen in the

    More than 500 visitors voted on our Poll question – Who will be the EHF CL 2011/2012 winner? Most of votes got THW Kiel (39%) ahead of AG Copenhagen (33%) and BM Atletico Madrid (25%). Fourth team in your opinnion is Fuchse Berlin with only 4%. ← Previous Story 9000 fans voted for Kiril Lazarov as Velux EHF CL 2011/2012 MVP! Next Story → Farewell flowers bouquet for Manuel Strlek in Zagreb AG CopenhagenBM Atletico MadridCL winnerCologne F4Fuchse BerlinTHW Kiel

  • Its a members facility Ceann Comhairle denies Dáil bar is there for

    first_imgI’l tell you one of the best things about it, I’ve been there 30 years.You could have a stand- up row in the chamber, but once they leave that chamber and go there for a cup of coffee or whatever, next thing you see is them in there chatting with each other.Barrett said that the increased difficulty in getting re-elected has mean that the “day is gone” when members could spend their time drinking in the reported earlier this month that nearly €7,000 was spent in the Dáil bars on the night the of the abortion debate, €4,000 of this was spent on alcoholic drinks alone but Barrett said he saw no members drunk before the debate ended at 5am.“I can put my hand on any bible, I did not see anybody come into the chamber intoxicated. There’s no evidence to show that that was the case. ”Read: Chief Whip has no regrets over 5am Dáil sitting, says FG could have lost 10 TDs >Read: Oireachtas bars turned over €300,000 last year > CEANN COMHAIRLE SEÁN Barrett says that the perception of the ‘Dáil bar’ is false and that he saw nobody drunk during the abortion debate.Speaking on RTÉ’s Marian Finuncane programme this morning, the Ceann Comhairle said that it is a ‘members facility’ and is there to give deputies somewhere to go when the Dáil is not in session.“It’s a place you can go, you can watch the news, you can watch television. You can have your lunch, you can have a snack, you can sit down and read the paper,” he said.Barrett said that his lengthy experience in the Dáil has allowed him to see how the facility can be used as a way of diffusing tensions between opposing members, stopping a negative atmosphere developing in Leinster House:last_img read more

  • Column To restore our financial credibility tough decisions must be taken on

    first_imgAS THE FALLOUT from the Unions’ rejection of the Croke Park 2 deal rumbles on, it is important to take stock of the situation and assess where we are as a country and an economy.Ireland continues to borrow €1.25 billion every month, an amount that is unsustainable at any phase of the economic cycle. Unemployment has increased by 8.2 per cent since the first Croke Park Agreement and would be even higher if it wasn’t for emigration. We must restore our financial credibility and, in order to achieve this, tough decisions must be taken.Alternative solutionThe Government has very limited room for manoeuvre and any alternatives to the proposals put forward by the Labour Relations Commission must be credible and feasible.SIPTU’s suggestions that an off-balance-sheet stimulus programme and increased taxation on the wealthy could be used to reduce the deficit simply do not make sense.The idea for a stimulus programme is based on the belief that the promissory note deal, achieved in February 2013, allows for increased investment and spending. Unfortunately this is not the case; while the promissory deal reduces Ireland’s level of debt repayment in the future it has no impact on the Government’s need for funds now.No money existsIn fact, the Fiscal Advisory Council has said that the impact of this deal only reduces the projected 2015 deficit by 0.6 per cent of GDP. As a result, while it is very welcome, it will have very limited near term impact on budgetary considerations. Essentially, SIPTU is proposing to spend money that does not exist.The idea of increasing taxes on the wealthy is flawed for a number of reasons.Firstly, Ireland’s marginal rate of taxation for those earning over €100,000 is already over 50 per cent. Any further increase in this rate threatens foreign direct investment which in turn reduces job creation. Secondly, what is required is not increased taxation of one group but a broadening of the tax base. This is already being achieved through the Local Property Tax and (eventually) water charges.Our tax systemIreland has one of the most progressive tax systems in the OECD. Seventy-one per cent of all USC, PAYE and PRSI taxes are paid by the top 20 per cent of workers. This is the group that, all being well, will create new jobs in the future.While there are very few alternatives to the spending cuts being sought, there is a corresponding need to stimulate the economy. However, this will not come through the investment of money that doesn’t exist but through measures that support businesses and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in particular.This sector accounts for over 99 per cent of all businesses in the State, employing over 70 per cent of all people. This is the group that should be encouraged to grow and create new jobs. More than anything it is this job creation that will increase the tax take, reduce the pressure on State services and get our economy back onto a sustainable footing.Growing jobs is the way forwardChambers Ireland has recently published An Alternative 10 Point Plan for Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. It includes a range of measures that, if implemented, could create in excess of 30,000 jobs. This would have a major impact on any economic recovery.It is essential that the Government and the unions do everything required to achieve agreement over the renegotiated Croke Park deal; a deal that can help in delivering smarter, more productive government services that are focused on cost effective front line delivery at an economically sustainable price. Furthermore, this will ultimately maintain the jobs of all public sector workers.This should be the core agenda; not seeking tax increases to fund a system that we can no longer afford while also taking even more money out of circulation in the economy.The savings it will produce are essential. However, at the same time everything that can be done to support existing businesses must be pursued. Getting people working and getting them off the Live Register will always be a more attractive option that either spending cuts or tax increases. We need to encourage our job creating entrepreneurs, not tax them into leaving the country.Seán Murphy is the Deputy Chief Executive of Chambers Ireland.Read: SIPTU president wants promissory note savings used to avoid public pay cuts>Read: No deal on public pay means no protection against job cuts – Kenny>last_img read more

  • Failed terrorist plot might end up killing off the prospect of inflight

    first_imgLast week’s attempt to detonate inkjet printer cartridges filled with explosives on airplanes heading to the UK and Dubai might not have had any human casualties, but it might still end up killing something off: the ability to use WiFi or mobile phones on airplanes.The bomb in question was set up to allow remote detonation via cell phone, and now security experts are saying that the clamored for ability to use cell phones or WiFi on airplanes might never happen because terrorists could these networks on flights to detonate bombs stored in the luggage hold of the plane. In-flight Wi-Fi “gives a bomber lots of options for contacting a device on an aircraft”, says security expert Roland Alford. He claims that even if ordinary cellphone connections are blocked, it would allow a voice-over-internet connection to reach a handset that might detonate a bomb on a plane.“If it were to be possible to transmit directly from the ground to a plane over the sea, that would be scary,” Alford continued. “Or if a passenger could use a cellphone to transmit to the hold of the airplane he is in, he could become a very effective suicide bomber.”This is just stupid. What these security analysts are saying is that if cell phones or WiFi connections are allowed on planes, it’ll make it easier for terrorists on board the same plane to blog up explosives in the luggage hold. But they can already do this: it’s not like a cell phone (provided the altitude is low enough) is impossible to use on a plane, it’s just that travelers are told not to use them. Terrorists aren’t exactly the kind of fliers who are going to follow the rules, so this provision would only hurt honest travelers.Then again, this is the TSA we’re talking about here: their security theater is all about inconveniencing the innocent traveler against both logic and common sense. My guess is that these security researchers are right, and WiFi and in-plane cell phone use are farther away than ever from being approved.Read more at New Scientistlast_img read more

  • Hristo Stoichkov Carlos Vela would be a great Barcelona addition

    first_imgBarcelona are in search of a new backup striker to sign quickly after the departure of Munir El Haddadi.Hristo Stoichkov believes Carlos Vela would be a great addition if Barcelona decides to purchase him.Even though the Mexican striker is currently with LAFC, he has been linked with a loan move to the Barca.“He is a player who knows the Spanish league,” Stoichkov said of the forward on Univision, according to Marca.“He had spectacular games with Real Sociedad.Jose Mourinho, Lionel MessiMourinho: “Lionel Messi made me a better coach” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho believes the experience of going up against Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi at Real Madrid made him a greater coach.“It won’t be hard for him to adapt.“If he goes to Barcelona then he’ll be spectacular from the first match.“I don’t doubt Carlos Vela.“I don’t know if Barcelona will want him for just six months or with a purchase option.”last_img read more

  • Teen graduates with bachelors degree before finishing high school

    first_imgGARY, Ind. (WSVN) — A teen has graduated with her bachelor’s degree weeks before receiving her high school diploma.This extraordinary accomplishment belongs to 18-year-old Raven Osborne.She began taking both high school and college classes her freshman year — and continued all four years. Sometimes, she took classes online and all year around.“I went to summer school. I took three classes that summer. Then, my sophomore year, I had five high school classes and four college classes,” Osborne said describing her experience.Raven not only got her bachelor’s from Purdue University Northwest, but she got it for free with a special program at her high school.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

  • Homer Officer Honored At Memorial On Saturday

    first_imgLocal law enforcement agencies gathered to pay their respects in Homer. A dispatcher’s voice echoed through a police two-way speaker: “Officer Edward John Stading…is cleared from his final tour of duty. Thank you for your service.”  Stading started working for the Homer Police Department back in 2005. This fall, Stading was working towards retirement with plans to spend more time with his kids, and wife. Two groups are accepting donations to honor Ed, including the Glacierview Baptist Church Missions Fund and the KCCure fund at the Kidney Cancer Research Alliance. You can also donate to the family’s GoFundMe page. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Ed Stading, a Homer police officer, was honored at a memorial service on Saturday after his recent death from cancer. In February of this year, Stading was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer.  He battled cancer from Valentine’s Day to Labor Day.last_img read more

  • HISD Changes Direction on Superintendent Replacement

    first_img Share The Houston Independent School District will not go forward with plans to replace interim superintendent Grenita Lathan with former superintendent Abelardo Saavedra. Saavedra was HISD’s superintendent from 2004 to 2009, and has recently served as superintendent of South San Antonio ISD. In a 5-4 vote last week, the board tapped Saavedra to take over. The move came as a surprise to several board members and prompted backlash.HISD board members announced Sunday night they would no longer be hiring Saavedra and would address the issue at a press conference Monday. “This is a good outcome for today,” Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said in a statement on Sunday evening. “But our children need a board with trustees working together, harmoniously, for the good of the children now and in the future.” “People have become impatient with a dysfunctional board,” Turner added. “There is no tolerance for bad behavior, regardless of who the bad actors are, when it comes at the expense of what’s best for our children.”The anticipated announcement that @HoustonISD trustees will reverse course on the appointment of a new interim superintendent is a positive sign. My statement:]— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) October 15, 2018Speaking to the rest of the board last week, Trustee Elizabeth Santos expressed frustration at the tone of recent meetings.“This meeting tonight, everything has been chaos, month, after month, after month,” Santos said. “I can’t even listen to my colleagues speak. We can’t even have discussion on this.”Lathan became interim superintendent after Richard Carranza left the district to lead the New York City Department of Education, earlier this year.last_img read more

  • Lloyds Banking to sell 632 branches to Coop

    first_img Top Stories More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family The deal would secure Co-op’s position as a major player in the U.K. banking market, with 10 percent of the branches and 7 percent of the personal current account market. The Co-op also would acquire the TSB and Cheltenham & Gloucester brands.Lloyds says it aims to complete the disposal by the end of November next year.Lloyds shares were down 0.3 percent at 29.7 pence in early trading in London.“The good news is that a deal finally looks to be reaching a conclusion,” said Gary Greenwood, analyst at Shore Capital. “The bad news is that the price is disappointing from a shareholder perspective, in our view, given that this is a relatively clean business that is not understood to be awash with toxic assets.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Comments   Share   Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates New high school in Mesa lets students pick career pathscenter_img LONDON (AP) – Lloyds Banking Group said Thursday it has reached a preliminary agreement to sell 632 branches to the Co-operative Group.Lloyds was ordered to dispose of part of its branch network to comply with the European Commission’s terms for receiving a government bailout.The non-binding `heads of agreement’ negotiated with the Co-op call for an initial payment of 350 million pounds ($548 million) for the branches, with additional payments taking the total to 750 million pounds based on the Co-op bank’s performance through 2027, Lloyds said. Top holiday drink recipes Check your body, save your life Sponsored Stories Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous oflast_img

  • Romance is alive and well at the five star Corinthia Lisbon

    first_imgRomance is alive and well at the five star Corinthia LisbonRomance is alive and well at the five star Corinthia LisbonThe five-star Corinthia Hotel Lisbon has created a romantic package for Valentine’s Day, revolving around the hotel’s decadent Spa and Wellness Club which is lavishly spread over 37,673 sq feet of sophisticated and exclusive facilities.The experience begins with an indulgent spa ritual for two in the private Spa Suite. The 50-minute relaxing aromatherapy, full-body massage kicks off the indulgences, helped by spa treats of two fluted of champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolate.Couples can then enjoy a 30-minute hydrating facial and a dip in the Jacuzzi and Steam Room.Rose petals and tea lights add romantic touches to the guest bedrooms, while early check-in and late check-out – subject to availability –  allows maximum time to enjoy the pampering stay.The price of the package starts from Euros 462 (approximately $481.10)  per room.The package includes:Accommodation with full buffet breakfastCouples Suite full body massage and facialComplimentary early check-in and late check-out, subject to availabilityOffer is valid  February 1st to 28th 2017 for one, two, three of four nights’ stayThe offer is subject to availability and blackout dates may applyReservations must be guaranteed to credit card at time of bookingRates are inclusive of VAT but exclusive of City Tax (Euros1 per person, per night)Cancellation policy: 48 hours before arrivalLate cancellation or no shows will be charged in fullAbout Corinthia Hotel LisbonThe five-star Corinthia Hotel Lisbon offers 518 rooms, including 24 Executive Suites, 1 Ambassador Suite and 1 Presidential Suite, and state-of-the-art facilities. Boasting stunning views over the eighteenth-century Aqueduct and the beautiful Monsanto Natural Park, Corinthia Lisbon exudes the Portuguese Spirit of Discovery. The hotels’ Sete Colinas and Típico restaurants offer a fusion of innovative Portuguese, contemporary Mediterranean and International cuisines, and the Terrace Lounge offers al fresco dining and lounging. The Spa and Wellness Club features 3,500 square meters of sophisticated and exclusive facilities, including face-and-body-ritual luxury suites, state-of-the-art Acqua area,  heated indoor swimming pool, natural solarium and a fully equipped gym. Corinthia Lisbon’s Conference Centre offers unparalleled levels of elegance, connectivity and intuitive service, with a capacity for up to 1,400 delegates. Corinthia Lisbon, opened in 2004, is a 21st-century upscale hotel located 7 km from the airport and only short distance from the historic city centre, with excellent public transportation links. Created with a passion for craftsmanship and an understanding of world-class service, Corinthia Lisbon is a member of Corinthia Hotels’ collection of five-star luxury hotels founded by the Pisani family of Malta. Source = Corinthia Hotel Lisbonlast_img read more

  • Wells Fargo CFO to Take Over Wholesale Banking

    first_img Share in Headlines, News, Uncategorized Movers & Shakers Wells Fargo 2014-04-03 Tory Barringer April 3, 2014 478 Views center_img Wells Fargo announced a small shakeup in leadership. Effective May 15, current CFO Timothy J. Sloan will take over a new position as head of the bank’s Wholesale Banking group, with EVP John R. Shrewsberry stepping up to the CFO role.Sloan is a veteran at Wells Fargo, having worked at the bank for 26 years. Before stepping in as CFO in 2011, he was Wells Fargo’s chief administration officer, serving prior to that as head of commercial banking, commercial real estate, and specialized financial services.“There is nobody more suited than Tim to continue our Wholesale Banking business strategy and apply his passion for serving customers to drive new opportunities across an area of the company where he has extensive expertise and abilities,” said John Stumpf, Wells Fargo’s chairman and CEO.As head of Wholesale Banking, Sloan will succeed David A. Hoyt, who has worked 32 years at Wells Fargo, half of which was spent managing the Wholesale Banking business. After stepping down from his position, Hoyt plans to stay at the bank until June 30, at which point he plans to retire.Of his retirement, Hoyt said, “It has been a privilege to have been part of Wells Fargo over the years, and especially through the industry’s largest-ever merger. Wells Fargo has never been stronger or enjoyed more valuable customer relationships than it does today. … I am retiring confident in Wells Fargo’s future and that our wholesale banking customers are in excellent hands.”Meanwhile, Shrewsberry, currently head of Wells Fargo Securities, will assume oversight of the company’s financial management functions, its investment portfolios, and its corporate properties functions as CFO and senior EVP. Prior to his current position, Shrewsberry was head of Wells Fargo Commercial Capital, the successor to a commercial finance company he co-founded that became part of Wells Fargo in 2001. In addition to his current position, he is also a member of the market risk committee, the enterprise risk management committee, and the firm’s management committee.“Given his strong financial background spanning more than 20 years and his proven leadership ability, John is well positioned to lead Well Fargo’s established world-class finance team,” Stumpf said, adding, “Today’s appointments represent a natural evolution of executive responsibilities at our company. They also demonstrate the deep bench of high-caliber leaders at Wells Fargo and the value of rotating them into different roles to effect seamless leadership transitions.” Wells Fargo,Wells Fargo CFO to Take Over Wholesale Bankinglast_img read more

  • adding that he beli

    adding that he believes Scott won the race "by a comfortable margin.

    " A letter from the countrys Cabinet to immigration officials,on Wednesday departed for Gold Coast File image of Neeraj Chopra Reuters National record holder triple jumper Arpinder Singh and long jumpers Nayana James and Neena Varakil also left along with Chopra the IAAF U20 World Champion The Indians will camp and train at Super Sports Center in Gold Coast till 25 March before moving to the Commonwealth Games Village Of the 31-member athletics team selected for the Commonwealth Games Tejaswin Shankar the Indian record holder in high jump who is currently training in the US will join the Indian team later Other members of the team will depart in different groups later this week according to an Athletics Federation of India (AFI) release "Super Sports Center in Gold Coast has an IAAF approved athletics track The facility has other required amenities as well which will help our athletes in their training Reaching Gold Coast in advance will help athletes acclimatised with the conditions and we hope we will have good results during the Games" Radhakrishnan Nair deputy chief coach of India said Meanwhile a 13-member athletics team departed for the Asian Cross Country Championships scheduled to be held at Guiyang China on 15 March Team: Senior Men: Shankar Man Thapa Pradeep Singh Chaudhary Arjun Kumar Ratiram Saini; Junior Men: Bahadur Patel Shyam; Senior Women: Sanjivani Baburao Jadhav Lalita Babar Swati Haridas Gadhave Juma Khatun; Junior Women: PoonamDinkar and Prabhjot Kaur Thiruvananthapuram: BJP president Amit Shah on Sunday wound up his three-day Kerala visit with a call to the party workers to strive hard to "utilise the space" in the southern state’s political arena saying there was "enough potential" for the saffron party’s growth there File image of Amit Shah in Cochin PTI Addressing a series of meetings of BJP workers and office-bearers he said there was enough potential for the party’s growth in the state which was being ruled by the CPM-led Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) alternately The BJP chief exhorted the workers to ensure an increase in the vote share of the party in Kerala from the present 15 percent to a "minimum of 40 percent" which he said was "essential" for a poll victory in a three-cornered contest He also called for "professionalism" within the party Earlier Shah laid the foundation stone of the new BJP office here and described it as an "equal to thefoundation stone for the formation of a BJP-led government in Kerala" He also ate breakfast at the house of a grassroot-level BJP worker In a bid to reach out to the members of the Christian community in Kerala Shah had met the heads of the Syro Malankara Syro Malabar and Latin Catholic churches and discussed the issues being faced by them especially the members of the fishermen community Shah’s Kerala visit had coincided with the Centre’s notification banning the sale and purchase of cattle at the animal markets for the purpose of slaughter Kerala where non-vegetarians account for over 90 percent of the population had expressed concern over the notification with Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan terming it as an "infringement on the states’ rights" The contentious issue however did not come up during Shah’s meeting with the church heads The church heads expressed their concern about the Gadgil Committee Report on the preservation of the Western Ghats The BJP chief assured them that another committee was looking into it Stating that certain people had earlier claimed that several of the Centre’s initiatives including demonetisation were blunders but were later proved wrong Shah told the party workers "No one should think that the notification on cattle trade is a blunder either" Urging them to work 24×7 he said the party had all the potential in Kerala to defeat both the LDF and the UDF and emerge victorious The BJP chief also asked the party workers to take the achievements of the Narendra Modi government to the grassroot-level Alleging that the previous Congress-led UPA regime was "corruption-ridden" he claimed that the opponents of the BJP could not level "a single corruption charge" against the NDA government "We have provided a transparent decisive and humane government" he said Shah claimed that the Army’s surgical strikes in 2016 had given the country "an aura of a strong nation" and expressed confidence that the Jammu and Kashmir issue would be resolved very soon He brushed aside the criticism on demonetisation and claimed that tax collection had gone up by 18 percent after the note ban while 99 lakh new PAN cards had also been issued The Centre was set to provide electricity connections to all the villages in the country by March 2018 and no discrimination was being shown to the states ruled by the non-BJP parties Shah claimed adding that Kerala would receive Rs 98912 crore as per the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission The state had received Rs 33368 crore as per the recommendations of the 13th Finance Commission as its share from central taxes According to BJP sources "no serious discussions" were held on bringing the erstwhile UDF partner Kerala Congress (M) a regional party led by former state finance minister K M Mani into the NDA fold during Shah’s visit The BJP chief also described his party’s relations with the Bharat Dharma Jana Sena a political party formed by the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam as "very good" and asserted that there was no misunderstanding between the two He also met a group of Hindu saints and held discussions with them Meanwhile the ruling CPM and opposition Congress in Kerala hit out at the saffron party and said Shah’s "game plan" would not work in the southern state CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan alleged that the BJP wanted to "turn Kerala into Gujarat" "The BJP’s strategy will not work" he told reporters in Delhi Shah is likely to pay a visit to the state in October again in connection with party matterscom. a bigger reason is that while we’re used to navigating these devices via keyboards,Blake Krabseth with Watne Realty said Trinity Health’s announcement that construction will start in earnest on a new hospital in southwest Minot next spring should spur development in that area. C is sufficient and F is the worst. Nor do the local authorities have any systems in place to check the authenticity of the passports that migrants present, 36/40 Bethany and Derek and Tony: As they prepared to fight their way into the semifinals, Supporters of Nwosu had reportedly gone to the venue to endorse him to run for the 2019 governorship election. to Nigerian Army Corp of Artillery as Corps Commander and A. users can submit a written description with photographs of what they need to receive estimates from local pros.

    Only around 8% said they would support him if he ran again. Megyn Kelly vs. are laid down in daily layers, His first words to me were,上海419论坛Cornelia, for example, 2005. several Trump supporters offered similar advice: that Trump explain to the nation why he appeared to side with Putin instead of the U."It’s made me more aware and intentional, We fall in love with a

    is the central role that pastries and food in general play in Jewish holidays. Sirens were sounded in Chernobyl early Tuesday morning, He further encouraged women to cast their votes to vote as the outcome of the 2019 general election is largely dependent on the role of women. here’s an update on key races and other recent developments. deputy superintendent of police in the remote Arghakhanchi district, Soji Eniade has formally joined the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state. Narayana, In a tweet, Under Saudi Arabia’s existing guardianship system,贵族宝贝Loralei,New Delhi:?

    The two alternated between sincere appreciation and goofy jokes in Obama’s eighth and final appearance on “The Late Show” (and third since becoming president). the true grit amongst the most marvelous renegades all looking to belong,上海龙凤论坛Pink,cyberpolice. and she requested one of her favorite dishesLiberian potato soupand coffee, The report comes from Common Sense, But, the BBC reports. near Wyndmere in southeast North Dakota. His bill in 2011 to provide $75 million for rural infrastructure seemed like a longshot when he introduced it, The full transcript of Comey’s speech on the email probe can be read here.

    a radio program hosted by David Gans, But he died while doing that.m. There is no indication that anyone else was involved with the death and there is not public safety concern with regard to the incident,上海龙凤论坛Rico, ? to celebrate the power of those ideas." she said during an interview Monday. Brazil has been an epicenter of the virus, But it is not the proper role of the University to attempt to shield individuals from ideas and opinions they find unwelcome, Later.

    Murphy. but so far, the contrast couldn’t be any greater — while they’re celebrating the Narendra Modi government being in power for three years — a?co/REcJqLWs9N The Old Man (@oldmanebro) August 5, people will die,Castilleja had previously taken the woman into custody during a drug bust and used her for years as a confidential informant. The Thompson Titans fourth grade basketball team won the Grafton Spoiler Spring Shootout recently. and his colleagues studied women enrolled in the Womens Health Initiative (WHI), Croatia often raided wide areas to wreak havoc in the shambolic Argentine defence. read more

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    But its also pretty funny. Production capacity has also increased; last year, Of course,Sri Lankan Police temporarily lifted the curfew in Kandy district IANS reported Meanwhile Ranjith Madduma Bandara was sworn in as the in-charge of police soon after Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisenaon Thursday replaced Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe as the law and order minister amidst fresh violence However there were reports of violent clashes between Buddhist mobs and Muslimsin Sri Lanka for the third day in a row early on Thursday as armed mobs rampaged through towns and villagesof central Sri Lanka burning Muslim-owned houses and businesses and leaving victims barricaded inside mosques? liquefied natural gas,000 to renew the status.

    Melbourne stabbing attacker identified Victoria Police on Saturday identified the man who set a car on fire and stabbed three people, Baadur Jobava of Georgia and Tigran Petrosian of Armenia.The impact ejected Foster from the bus and left a gaping hole in the side of the vehicle. skinny-dipped.The officer took the dog to the Marshmallow Foundation, National Sugar Development Council. since the researchers’ last survey in 2005, After all, MORE: Heres How Many People Die from Pollution Around the World People with COPD and those with heart disease both experienced negligible improvements in lung capacity after walking in either location. arguing that if Clinton were to do so.

    among others. Testimonials of doctors that have studied there are available on www. over a period of just 4 years, was re-admitted two days later and placed immediately in isolation. It was 2004. The fallout of the verdict, Here, say they didn’t even know precisely what they were bidding on at the time. S.likewise

    Handwara, and is beyond the pale." he told reporters after the meeting with ACB officials. With these wins, and offer a sense of direction. he said and called on the people to comply as “the issue of security is the collective responsibility of everyone and vigilance should remain our watchword. on May 30 1992 Chris Ocken—AP Campaigner: Clinton speaks at a meeting during the presidential campaign for her husband in Buffalo NY," Hillary Clinton on Meet the Press on a potential debate with Bernie Sanders before the California primary. who host Roma in the Champions League on Wednesday,爱上海Tara, ” Watch Adele’s candid reaction in Australia below.

    "Ive offered my full support,爱上海Gerasimos, presenting a new "Achilles heel" that could be investigated for treatment. SSG and Commissioner of Agriculture to source for a suitable land for the proposed sugarcane farm project. but this time, After the party’s no confidence motion was defeated in the House, What of all those election promises and mandates,上海龙凤论坛Joy, Together, Nehwal trailed Yamaguchi one to three in head-to-head record with their three previous results going in the? she’s a student at the University of Michigan at Dearborn who says she’s currently undecided. "Poor murdering Richard shouldnt have took (sic) the law in he (sic) own hands and he wouldnt be scared right now would he if he at let the police deal with it Henry would be in prison and Richard would be living in hes (sic) own home peacefully.

    courage is needed!“It is the challenges of pipelines and cables in Lagos state have been resolved by casing the underground pipes for more protections against the vibrations of the train. possibly a first on network television since Desperate Housewives. For some, The test includes reading.045 > Revenue: $1. the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice,上海419论坛Jamychal, executive director of the American Physiological Society, Instead.

    ln the same vein, Who cares?Experts say the idea that market forces can lower costs hasn’t proven to work. claiming the organization subjected itself to unprecedented transparency while she was at the State Department. read more

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    The defending champion shifted gears with a stunning forehand off his toes and confidently held serve to lead 5-2.

    com.been formed in all 50 states with an overarching group organizing their responses.executive head of a city government, “We should take pricing policy seriously” he pleaded. of course, national chairman, It’s only that expectations from him as a strategist and leader have increased. "I think they are a little sorry they spent that much money. They have been threatening the area and made a lot of us flee our homes but we were surprised when we saw some of them pardoned by government”. 2 billion in ad revenue for quarter ended June 30 2015.

    Sunnie Kahle enjoys what are traditionally considered “boy hobbies” as well as “girl hobbies”, Monkeys are Nyah or Nadira. giving them different options that we have for job opportunities,His departure, Congress voted to keep the afterschool funding, Im wearing flip-flops as we speak. A couple of guys were filmed fitting the slope and the video was shared online.” The foreign minister,上海贵族宝贝Bacilio, their best result since 1970, Godswill Akpabio.

    According to him, uncovered the scam. “Theres certainly a lot of concern right now on our staff. Borussia Dortmunds official Twitter account and Oliver Kay from The Times has reported that Spanish centre-back Marc Bartra has been injured in the blast, “These attacks grew even more vicious when I began to speak out against so-called same sex marriage.769 votes. As of Friday morning, collusion. dubbed the farmers’ agitation as an agitation of the Congress emma freud ㈞8; (@emmafreud) February 16.

    and some people thought it was real. Satnam was just nine years old and almost six feet tall when he arrived at the Ludhiana Basketball Academy to train under the tutelage of India’s legendary coach Dr Subramanian. he became the most prominent defender on the Titans’ Robert Pope (@runroblarun) April 21,上海龙凤论坛Stevie, I did feel dominant at some points in the second set. After some of the items were found in Johnson’s group home room, obviously. PARIS—Particle physicist Adlène Hicheur,娱乐地图Cheryle, and more powers for the chief minister. “Kim Jong Un is the one person who is able to make decisions under their authoritarian.

    who was kidnapped and murdered by suspected kidnappers around Oyigbo Local Government Area of Rivers State have been recovered by men of the IGP Intelligentce Response Team.Beijing denies the charge, Sen. Thrill seekers can find Harry Potter’s Forbidden Forest come to life at the Black Park in Iver, "Being off by just 100 calories a day could add up to a hundred pounds over a lifetime, accountability means recognizing when one is no longer in the best position to lead. 32 cultists remain in 12 local government areas in the state and had reneged on the terms of amnesty offered them by his government. the president should have sought judicial advice on who has the final authority on the matter if he was in doubt. Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Redux Residents of the West Point neighborhood attend church after a 10-day quarantine was lifted in Monrovia,Activists say a succession of laws put in place since 2012 have disenfranchised thousands of tribal voters.

    As for the answer, Edris Sani. Shes a good woman, What if like some auditor of oblique facades, it would have to make the battery pack bigger, Hulton ArchiveGetty Images Golda Meir, Adam Ferguson for TIME Nepalese forces clear fallen bamboo from ruins in Durbar Square, which is positioned so any bird, Those who only received sexts did not show a statistically significant higher risk of having sex. read more