One Publishers Green Checklist

first_imgOdgen Publications publishes magazines—like Natural Home and Mother Earth News—targeted toward people who are interested—and invested—in sustainability. And, refreshingly, Odgen walks the walk of sustainability, top-to-bottom, at its Topeka, Kansas-based offices. Here are some of the green initiatives Ogden has undertaken over the last three years.• Upgraded lighting ballasts and lights to save energy.• Installed solar tubes to supplement with natural light and eliminated artificial light where possible. • Added insulation to roof.• Provided designated carpool spaces.Supplies• Switched to postconsumer-recycled copy paper, Post-Its, note pads and more. • Reused packing material and cardboard for shipping products and other items. • Replaced all Styrofoam cups with glass mugs. • When buying new equipment, chose the most energy-efficient models.• Changed power settings on computers to reduce energy usage at most efficient settings.• Provided each employee with recycling bin at desk for paper; also have recycling bins throughout office for aluminum cans, cardboard, chipboard, paper, plastic, steel and glass.• Composted coffee grounds and food waste from break room (gardeners can take home the compost for their personal gardens).• Offered recycling drives for employees to bring in used home computers and tennis shoes to recycle. Paper• Mother Earth News and Utne Reader use 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper; all other titles use 10-85 percent post-consumer recycled paper, all chlorine-free. Production• Use 28.7 percent soy-based inks for all titles. • Take advantage of computer-to-plate (CTP) technology to eliminate film and film processing. • Use soft-proofing process online versus traditional hard-copy proofs. • E-mail files and labels versus mailing a CD or DVD. • Use predominantly digital photography versus film and slides. Distribution• Streamline purchasing process for less waste by more accurately forecasting need. • Recycle old copies of all magazines. • Participate in Barnes & Noble green promotion sponsored by Co-op America. Editorial• Use laptop and projector to display layouts on screen for group editing (reduces paper waste significantly). • Use Adobe Acrobat’s PDF commenting feature, saving paper waste and allowing for more accuracy/less confusion during editorial proofing stages.• Hold teleconferences. “With editors working from home off-site, teleconferencing has been a huge help in keeping the edit staff on the same page,” Ogden publisher Bryan Welch says.• For researching and fact-checking purposes, house information with direct links in databases versus keeping paper files. Events• Partner with “green” events, including speaking on sustainability issues; assist with promotion of these events to readers/online audience.• Work to forecast as accurately as possible what is needed at each show so the publisher is not sending too much merchandise or too many back issues. • Make group flight, hotel and rental car (if necessary) arrangements to get the most use out of a single, fuel-efficient rental car. Alternately, try to stay as close to the event as possible so attendees can walk or take public transportation. Marketing• Significantly reduced direct mail; will further reduce in 2009. Used e-mail and online methods to promote subscriptions and merchandise. • Offered auto-renewal subscriptions for auto-paying with credit card online; offer additional cost savings for these subscriptions. • Moving away from as much printed merchandise as possible. Popular new product offerings are e-books and e-plans devoted to specific topics. • For any printed material, e-mail or FTP files versus mailing CDs/DVDs. • When feasible, use recycled paper for printed pieces.SEE ALSO:MAIN PAGEPRODUCTION | The Paper ProblemOPERATIONS | The Importance of Stewardship in SustainabilityEDITORIAL | Does the World Really Need Another ‘Green Issue’?DISTRIBUTION | Efficiency–And Sustainability–At the NewsstandEVENTS | How Eco-Friendly Can a Live Event Be?MARKETING | A Paperless Future?DIGITAL | Using Digital Editions to Go GreenGREEN GLOSSARYlast_img

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