Opposition Parties PJD Responsible for MoroccoEgypt Media Tension

Marrakech – Several Moroccan opposition parties are accusing the current leading party the Justice and Development Party (PJD) and the Moroccan media for the recent escalation of tensions between Morocco and Egypt. They hold the PJD responsible forthe Egyptian media campaign against Morocco.The Secretary Generals of severalopposition parties, including the Independence, Authenticity and Modernity party, the Socialist Union of Popular Forces, and the Constitutional Union party, held an urgent meeting on Monday to discuss the “the artificial media tension between Morocco and Egypt”, according to a press release.During the meeting, the parties reportedly voiced their “Wonder about the artificial sabotage at the media levelofthe relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Arab Republic of Egypt, which have been always linked by cooperation and mutual respect.”The opposition added that it “strongly condemns that some have adopted rumors and exploited the media in order to poison the relationship and sow confusion and discord between Morocco and Egypt.” The opposition also “reaffirms the depth of the special historical relations between the two brotherly people and their leadership, as there is a strong desire to develop the relationship in the economic, political, and cultural fields.”The opposition parties heavily criticized the way that the PJD dealt with media campaigns between the two countries, and ultimately held the party responsible for the tensionsbecause it leads the government.“The opposition parties express disapproval of the irresponsible government’s treatment of this artificial tension, especially of the party that leads the government, which is known for narrow partisan opportunism.”Moroccan national television channels recently aired reports that describe the Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah El Sisi, as the leader of a military coup. Many consider the report to bearesponse to Egyptian media’s campaign against Morocco.Some Egyptian media believe the report to be an attempt by the supporters of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to damage the relations between Morocco and Egypt.Edited by Timothy Filla

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