Month: February 2017

  • Who can not afford to buy big lightning prices to save you

    after Christmas, also means that in 2016 entered the countdown, the Spring Festival is approaching to us, the Spring Festival tickets are already on sale. Once a year the new year began sweeping the country, regardless of the past year is "success" or "failure", we are fully equipped for, with quiet mentality and beautiful look to greet the new year, "lightning price" of care rujierzhi, whether you are "shy" or "wealthy" you can find your name in the "lightning price" in APP. At the end of the year to promote the carnival after twelve nodes as the most representative, has always been the highlight of the electronic business platform competition. "Lightning price" to find the key nodes, from the competition to win, then a new upsurge in shopping. read more

  • To October 2010 buy navigation website latest ranking

    in group purchase site navigation station rash and too much in haste at the same time, gradually become the group purchase group purchase group purchase website users to choose the benchmark, in the navigation station occupies a number of group purchase group purchase group purchase website users, in order to get more users, a good and practical promotion methods becomes in the group purchase navigation station advertising.

    According to the Wenzhou

    discount network specializes in women’s cosmetics group purchase to get them to choose which group purchase navigation station do promotion, so they to some good group purchase navigation station to do a Alexa survey. read more