Month: March 2017

  • Ten special rectification to eliminate hidden dangers

    last year, under the correct leadership of the municipal government, the city continued to maintain a safe production safety situation is generally stable, tends to improve the situation, the city once again won the "honor of the province’s production safety work in advanced areas". This year, in order to further strengthen the work of production safety in the city, the city safety supervision departments will also carry out ten special rectification actions to eliminate the great side of the great. This reporter learned from the city in March 18th. It is reported that <br ten="" this="" year,="" to="" carry="" out="" special="" rectification="" actions="" involving="" coal="" mine,="" road="" safety,="" construction="" and="" other="" fields,="" the="" specific="" campaigns="" for="" non="" mine="" safety="" action;="" traffic="" actions;="" field="" of="" production="" action="" safe="" oil="" gas="" transportation="" pipeline;="" fire="" hazardous="" chemicals="" chemical="" enterprise="" small="" micro="" enterprise;="" ammonia="" refrigeration="" enterprises;="" against="" occupation="" disease;="" dust="" explosion="" proof="" actions.="" will="" adhere="" "problem="" oriented"="" principle,="" led="" by="" each="" industry="" department="" on="" 2014="" determine="" effectiveness="" remediation="" expert="" potential="" hazards="" in="" key="" areas,="" enterprises,="" links,="" positions,="" key,="" disaster="" risks,="" strictly="" enforce="" law,="" ensure="" that="" work="" achieve="" tangible="" results.="" addition,="" major="" problems="" found="" action,="" county="" government="" also="" supervise="" handling="" of;="" there="" are="" significant="" security="" risks="" supervision="" departments="" be="" strict="" penalties,="" firm="" closed="" firmly="" closed,="" punishment="" poor="" governance;="" lead="" accidents="" severely="" pursue="" regulatory="" responsibility.="" <br=""   read more

  • The city’s urban drinking water health monitoring network pilot work bear fruit

    to strengthen the city’s drinking water sanitation supervision, and gradually establish and perfect the city drinking water health monitoring network, ensuring water safety of drinking water in our city, the prevention and control of diseases and drinking water pollution incident, according to the "communicable disease prevention act", "drinking water hygiene supervision and management measures" and "Qinghai city drinking water health monitoring network implementation of the pilot scheme", combined with the actual city, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau to carry out the Xining city drinking water health monitoring network pilot work in September 2008 to July 2010.   <br pilot="" work="" for="" the="" successful="" completion="" of="" xining="" municipal="" health="" bureau="" issued="" a="" "drinking="" water="" monitoring="" in="" city="" implementation="" plan"="" 2008,="" set="" up="" special="" leading="" group,="" administrative="" departments="" at="" all="" levels="" responsibility,="" using="" method="" stage="" and="" gradually="" establish="" province,="" city,="" district="" (county)="" network="" line.="" accordance="" with="" our="" regional="" characteristics="" population="" distribution="" four="" districts="" three="" counties="" quality="" point="" 80,="" 7="" waterworks,="" tap="" water,="" 5="" self="" built="" waterworks="" 30="" two="" supply="" units="" were="" monitored.="" supervision="" establishment="" data="" information="" processing="" terminal,="" results="" entry,="" audit,="" analysis,="" reporting,="" call.="" since="" carried="" out="" so="" far,="" collected="" total="" 1242="" kinds="" drinking="" samples,="" qualified="" 1016="" copies,="" pass="" rate="" 82%.="" is="" not="" eligible="" to="" chlorine="" does="" meet="" national="" standard,="" agencies="" assist="" unit="" analysis="" find="" unqualified="" index,="" urge="" strict="" standards"="" requirements="" active="" rectification,="" ensure="" safety="" city.="" <br:="" through="" unremitting="" efforts="" years="" evaluation="" experts="" ministries="" puc="" inspectors="" basic="" schedule="" objectives,="" construction="" has="" achieved="" initial="" success.="" <br=""   read more

  • The thirteen session of the Xining Municipal Committee of the CPPCC held its six meeting on February

    January 15th, the thirteenth session of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC Xining Municipal Committee held the twenty-third. CPPCC Chairman Ma Haiying, vice chairman Liu Fade, Tong Dexiang, Zhang Ying, Ma Ning, Bai Minde, Fan Xingliang, full of material to attend the meeting, municipal committee, vice mayor Zhang Dongqiang, municipal people’s Congress deputy director Feng Lijun was invited to attend the meeting. The meeting should be 54, up to the 40.
    <br: the="" meeting="" decided="" that="" six="" of="" thirteen="" session="" cppcc="" will="" be="" held="" on="" february="" 23rd="" to="" 26.="" examined="" and="" adopted="" agenda="" meeting,="" (draft)="" (draft),="" city="" standing="" committee="" work="" report,="" proposals="" group="" convenor="" recommended="" list,="" recognition="" outstanding="" members.="" considered="" approved="" report="" committee.="" listen="" special="" 2016="" summary="" arrangement.="" at="" same="" time="" appointment="" removal="" personnel="" matters.the="" <br="" xining="" thirteenth="" committee

    on the convening of China people’s Political Consultative Conference of the thirteenth session of the Xining City

    Committee of the Sixth Plenary Session of the decision

    (January 15, 2016 thirteenth Xining CPPCC Committee of the Standing Committee for consideration by the twenty-third meeting)
    <br chinese="" people's="" political="" consultative="" conference="" of="" the="" thirteenth="" xining="" municipal="" committee="" standing="" twenty-third="" meeting="" decision:="" sixth="" plenary="" meeting,="" held="" in="" from="" february="" 23,="" 2016="" to="" 26="" days="" (23="" morning,="" afternoon="" a="" preparatory="" report).="" main="" agenda="" is:="" (a)="" and="" listen="" work="" report="" cppcc="" committee;="" (two)="" hear="" consider="" on="" session="" five="" thirteen="" since="" proposal="" report;="" (three)="" attend="" fifteenth="" congress="" eighth="" discuss="" government="" other="" reports;="" (four)="" decided="" by="" (five)="" other.the="" <br="" committee<br="" personnel="" appointment="" announcement<br:="" january="" 15,="" for="" deliberation="" decision="" twenty-third:
    addition of Mi Zhanliang, comrade Ge Haibin as member of the CPPCC Xining Municipal Committee of the thirteenth.

    adjustment due to work, Qiao Wenli, comrade Li Haijun is no longer a member of the CPPCC Xining Municipal Committee of the thirteenth.

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  • Xining city finance to serve the new countryside construction

    Reporter recently learned from the Xining City District Finance Bureau, this year, the Council will support the new rural construction as the focus, the integration of all aspects of the project funds to help the area Chen Jia Yao Cun hull.It is reported that this year the city of

    , District Finance Bureau in the "military enterprises build a model village" activities, combined with the actual, village system, on the basis of full investigation, the integration of all aspects of the project funds, the implementation of the relocation of the whole village poverty alleviation project in new rural construction Chen Jia Yao Village area, and as of this year tangible things and "military enterprises build a model village" project, the Bureau of Finance invested a total integration of project funds 28 million 458 thousand and 900 yuan for the whole village relocation project, the project has a total investment of 27 million 36 thousand yuan of funds. The project since May began, at the end of November, Chen Jia Yao village the whole village relocation project has been completed 98%, completed 109 housing construction completed, the wall area of 98% power grid project home decoration, the rate reached 100%, water supply and drainage system, road hardening have been completed, 3300 square meters of the cultural square has been fully completed and put into use. read more

  • The autumn snow heavy most province

    In October 26th, the reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Observatory, 25 at night, most areas of Haidong, Haibei showed varying degrees of snowfall, which is safe, and people, Ledu, ushered in the first snow fall.
    <br: on="" the="" evening="" of="" 25,="" micro-blog="" and="" wechat="" have="" been="" in="" photos,="" underground="" sea="" east="" ping="" district,="" minhe="" hui="" tu="" autonomous="" county,="" snow,="" snow="" from="" a="" people="" can="" be="" seen="" pictures,="" surface="" has="" vast="" expanse="" whiteness,="" branch="" also="" deposited="" layer="" snow.<br:="" according="" to="" meteorological="" monitoring="" data="" city,="" 21,="" haidong="" prefecture="" peace,="" ledu,="" longhua,="" xunhua,="" rain,="" because="" temperature="" is="" relatively="" low,="" rain="" turned="" into="" during="" landing.="" among="" them,="" largest="" amount="" people,="" up="" 12.6="" mm,="" longhua="" snowfall="" 10.8="" ledu="" 8.1="" mm.="" addition="" most="" areas="" ushered="" first="" menyuan,="" qilian="" other="" places="" appeared="" but="" little="" snowfall,="" duration="" not="" long,="" menyuan="" only="" 1.9="" mm.

    with frequent cold air strikes, on the 27 day, the lowest temperature in Xining will fall below zero degrees Celsius, night temperature decreased by 2 to 3 degrees celsius. 27 days, 28 days, Xining cloudy to sunny weather, the daily minimum temperature of minus 2 degrees Celsius, the daily maximum temperature at 10 degrees celsius.  

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  • Railway West Station social vehicle parking put into trial operation

    after a month of intense construction, the train station parking lot by the city Department of transportation construction in October 1st began trial operation, running from ten days of the situation, the effect is good, the train station traffic order has improved remarkably, the pedestrian and vehicle travel orderly.

    two 0 August 22nd 2011, the municipal government set in train station organized remediation station traffic order on-site office meeting: in order to solve train station station social vehicle parking, resulting in traffic order is chaotic, the original 2 parking lot as a rental car special parking lot, in the sea south of the two lane road along the East extension segment to build a social vehicle parking lot. After I received the construction task, special arrangements, contact design, construction units for construction. In August 28th, the construction unit approach started, in support of the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Lake District Management Committee, the city traffic police detachment, city construction design institute and other units, to overcome the disadvantages of large area site water, boiling, after a month of hard work, completed in September 30th. The new parking lot has 346 parking spaces, duty room venue built police, transportation management, urban management and other units. Two lane along the extension of the new bus port is also completed and put into use, to solve the problem of road traffic congestion along the extension of the two lane road. read more

  • The big four early works FRST screenings

    The eighth session of the FIRST Youth Film Festival opening soon, all screenings are ready, as a special screenings during the festival activities, "the master at the beginning of the" – NYU master early retrospectives is undoubtedly a heavy part. It is reported that this year’s "master at the beginning of the" special screenings will show include Ang Lee, Martin · within 4 days; Scorsese, Stone and Spike Oliver · · the four film master, Li in New York University School of student work, then, FIRST Youth Film Festival and the audience together. The youth. Enjoy those years belongs to the masters of the young. read more

  • Star of the talent contest finals

    Xining is known as the "Xining local avenue of stars," the people of the star · meet weekend talent contest, will bring joy and surprise to the people of Xining! The evening of December 19th, the people of the big stage, the new Hualian Plaza jointly organized the new Hualian "people star factory" in 2013 the people star · weekend; annual talent contest finals will be staged at the Qinghai Grand Theatre shock. 9 local grassroots star will be in the fierce competition in the race winners. read more

  • West District Xining the third industrial development again good news

    The West District of Xining city

    to speed up the construction of "core area" of modern service industry as the starting point, based on regional trade, science and technology, tourism, culture and other advantages, adhere to the development of modern service industry to boost industrial format transformation and to enhance efficiency, is expected to increase in 2012 third industrial value achieved 14 billion 30 million yuan, an increase of 14%, third industrial added value accounted for GDP the proportion of 90.8%, become the dominant driving force for economic growth. read more

  • Strengthening the work of counterpart support to improve the service ability of township hospitals

    This year, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau of comprehensive reform of primary health care institutions look back to work, to further enhance the Township Comprehensive Service and management ability, to strive for more than two medical institutions of township hospital targeted aid project grants provincial capital of 660 thousand yuan, was issued by the project implementation plan, clearly targeted aid responsibility with the obligations of both parties, to determine the content and support project and annual objectives and tasks, step by step signed letters of responsibility, layers of implementation of project tasks and other preparatory work, recently launched a comprehensive 2012 year more than two medical institutions of township hospital targeted aid project implementation read more

  • The opening of Beishan Forest Geopark Jingyun Scenic Area

    in September 17th, after two years of construction, Xining Beishan Forest Geopark scenic area ushered in the opening day of food. Since then, the people of Xining have a good place for leisure and entertainment.

    Mountain Geological Park Jingyun scenic area a total investment of 25 million yuan, is located in the Eastern District of Xining city road to Chu Jia Zhuang Jia Ying, is also the comprehensive management of engineering geological disasters in middle Beishan, a total area of 43.1 hectares. The construction project of Jingyun scenic spot is not only the Xining municipal government in 2010 as one of the tangible things, improve the ecological environment in Beishan area is the city of Xining, one of the key projects to promote the economic development of Xining. From project to project construction, obtained the attention and support of the provincial government, the city of Xining, in support of secretary of provincial Party committee of Beijing City, Qiang Wei, with the donation of 10 million yuan of funds, the project started construction in July 29, 2010. read more

  • Xining wild zoo snow leopard baby meet with visitors

    two holidays, a nursery in Xining Zoo Wild Animal young, two snow leopard baby openly meet with visitors, don’t shy.

    October 4th, zoo, a staff member told reporters that in July 20th this year, two snow leopard baby at the zoo snow leopard base, overjoyed came to the world.

    snow leopard is a beautiful and endangered feline. Because the snow leopard lived in the vicinity of the snow line and the name, also known as grass leopard, leopard leaves. Because the snow leopard lives in the high altitude area, the domestic and foreign many zoos are trying to raise the multiplication, but the successful example is not many. 3 years ago, after the relocation of the Xining wildlife park to the new park, began to focus on breeding snow leopard, research and construction of a snow leopard breeding base. Through the efforts, the formation of a more mature snow leopard breeding population, at present, a total of 10 species of snow leopard. read more

  • Xining to promote the education of key projects

    August 28th, the City Board of Education held in the fall of 2014 work meeting. The meeting summed up the work of the first half of this year, the deployment of the second half of the work. Reporters learned from the meeting, from this year, the city and strive to use 5 years to complete the education of key projects and weak school reform projects, and constantly promote the city’s rapid development of education.


    the education system in the country and the province to vigorously implement the school safety project, the standardization of school construction projects, occupation education infrastructure project investment opportunities such as history, from this year, and strive to use 5 years to complete the 14 kilometer to the city, including 20 key projects of education of pre-school education, compulsory education, high school education, occupation education, school education, to further improve the basic education of Xining public service force. To improve school conditions, the relevant State Council plans to rely on the implementation of the plans from the year within the 5 years, 311 involved the combination of urban and rural planning and rural poor schools in poor areas of infrastructure, equipment, sports and life education teaching equipment, information technology and other projects. Our education system to promote the project construction process, to the present have been implemented and start the related education layout adjustment and standardization of school construction, occupation education, rural junior middle school project, pre-school education, rural weak schools and other 8 categories of 135 construction projects. We also do a good job in primary and secondary education and teaching equipment, complete the city’s 115 school teaching equipment procurement reporting. read more

  • Xining people go out for dinner

    Skate, see animals
    <br 11:15="" on="" january="" 2nd,="" the="" people's="" park="" artificial="" lake="" ice,="" a="" lot="" of="" people="" sitting="" winter="" under="" warm="" sun="" shining,="" enjoying="" pleasant="" holiday="" time.<br:="" "dad,="" i="" want="" to="" play="" we="" are="" one="" family="" rent="" three="" unit."="" ticket="" office,="" small="" boy="" pulled="" father,="" rented="" car="" ice.="" then,="" his="" mother="" and="" father="" sat="" hand="" drill="" rod="" with="" each="" other,="" slide="" center="" lake.<br:="" cold,="" park's="" recreational="" facilities="" basically="" outage.="" therefore,="" skating="" has="" become="" public="" garden="" choice.="" lee="" said="" two="" days="" about="" 11="" points,="" there="" have="" been="" many="" buy="" tickets="" skating.<br="" reporter="" saw="" ice="" bicycle,="" boat="" other="" fun="" projects.="" master="" li="" said,="" is="" most="" sought="" after="" because="" its="" can="" together,="" parents="" accompany="" children="" play.="" they="" total="" more="" than="" 100="" new="" year's="" day,="" 300="" sold,="" skater="" several="" times="" higher="" usual.<br="" 12="" pm,="" xining="" wild="" zoo="" in="" front="" door,="" queuing="" tickets.="" entering="" although="" scenery="" not="" as="" bright="" summer,="" but="" net.
    "usually busy with work, no time to accompany the child to play, just take a vacation with children to see the animal, walk outdoors." Ms. Zhang said the new year, a family walking in the zoo to see the small animals, you can breathe fresh air, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.A
    <br zoo="" chen="" sales="" department="" staff="" said="" that="" the="" new="" year's="" day,="" number="" of="" visitors="" more="" than="" 4="" times.="" winter="" cold="" weather,="" usually="" fewer="" into="" park,="" but="" flow="" is="" relatively="" large.<br:="" in="" addition,="" also="" told="" reporters="" these="" two="" days,="" beast="" area="" under="" construction,="" public="" park="" cannot="" enter="" to="" visit.="" after="" completion="" can="" not="" only="" visit="" ferocious="" animals="" by="" car,="" you="" walk="" into.="" so,="" days="" want="" see="" big="" lion,="" tiger="" children="" bear="" temperament,="" wait="" a="" few="" days.<br="" buy="" shoes,="" bag,="" clothes<br:="" wearing="" clothes,="" this="" our="" chinese="" custom.="" does="" not,="" first="" year,="" major="" shopping="" malls="" xining="" are="" staged="" drama.<br="" audience="" 5="" fold,="" 20="" percent="" off="" members="" enjoy="" full="" 100="" 40......"="" january="" 2nd="" at="" 13:30,="" reporter="" saw="" several="" near="" west="" gate,="" have="" introduced="" variety="" promotional="" activities.<br="" mall="" crowded,="" hands="" lot="" people="" carrying="" large="" bags="" trophies,="" some="" return,="" linger,="" continue="" pick="" goods="" superb="" collection="" beautiful="" things.
    "busy year, buy some new clothes is yourself." During the interview, many people believe that the new year to buy a new; read more

  • The province’s first test flight medical rescue helicopter

    11 September 23rd 04, the province’s first professional aviation medical rescue helicopter – "squirrel" helicopter landed safely in Qinghai Red Cross Hospital helipad, completed its first test flight. It is understood that the model provided by Qinghai dragon General Aviation Corporation, flight test success will be officially put into use on the 26 day of this month, thus erecting an air route of life.  

  • The food and drug regulatory authorities this year will be four armed rectification illness

    reporter in January 24th from the province’s food and drug supervision and management and clean government work meeting was informed that in 2017, the province’s food and drug supervision departments will strengthen the "four change" green governance governance new ideas, the implementation of food and drug "four most" requirements of "four armed" rectification "illness", to provide the food and drug safety guarantee for the construction of the "healthy Qinghai". read more

  • The county held a high quality of democratic life

    Xining City, the county departments to ensure that the democratic life will reach high standards of quality, adhere to open the door to engage in activities, listen to opinions, pay attention to the "screen" after the door opened, removal of obstacles, let the masses to participate, please the masses to supervise and let the people to judge, to before the meeting under the foot control four winds identify the root cause of really tough action consciously picked up the weapon of criticism and self-criticism will move in, to enact reform legislation to solve the problem. read more

  • Xining small and medium micro enterprises to obtain loans 522 million 70 thousand yuan

    Xining to help enterprises steady growth in structural adjustment activities carried out, the Xining small and medium micro enterprises to obtain loans 522 million 70 thousand yuan, support funds of $331 million 157 thousand, a large number of difficulties in the enterprise can be resolved.

    the tax department to reach the starting point of the value added tax of 35 thousand and 100 households shall be exempt from individual industrial and commercial households value-added tax of 45 million 900 thousand yuan, the new office of 5895 households Small and micro businesses and individual industrial and commercial households exemption fee for 2 million 286 thousand yuan, Xining City tax department for 1462 households Small and micro businesses from tax 3 million 691 thousand yuan. read more

  • Xining legal aid network opened

    in the future, people click on the Xining legal aid network (, will be able to consult with a lawyer and daily online to apply for legal aid.

    recently, the reporter learned that, after more than three months of trial operation, the official website of Xining legal aid. It is reported that this website will adhere to the convenience of the people, for the people for the purpose of service, according to the needs of the public, creating brand column, develop brand activities, build brand service, enhance the overall legal aid website brand influence and visibility. At the same time, the establishment of online investigation, collect opinions and suggestions about the recipient of the masses, promote the legal aid work standardized and scientific. With the platform of legal aid network, Xining City Department of justice will interact with the community, to better achieve the "for overall service, justice for the people" goal, the legal aid website has become an important window for people to understand and supervise the judicial administrative work. <br  =""   read more

  • The thirteen session of the CPPCC municipal committee concluded the three meeting

    on the afternoon of January 16th, after the successful completion of the scheduled agenda, the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference of the thirteenth session of the Xining Municipal Committee of the third meeting of the successful conclusion. Municipal CPPCC Chairman Li Jinqing presided over the closing session. Vice President Liu Fade, Tong Dexiang, Zhang Ying, Zong Kang, Ma Ning, Baoya check, Bai Minde, Fan Xingliang and Secretary General Zhao Long in the rostrum.

    Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhang Yongjun, municipal committee, United Front Work Department Minister Zhang Qiguang attended the meeting and took place in front of the president. read more