Month: July 2017

  • Local website was Baidu blocked after the way out

    I do is a local comprehensive forum, from the previous government forum transformed the October 23, 2008 forum, re opened, the day before a local forum posts "PV twenty thousand" has been opened today in the station network, the site tells the reason and experience, interested friends can look at.

    10 23, the forum was Google and Baidu normal included. I do not understand the technology, the forum is the direct use of discuz program! Do, only modified logo, nor do these SEO optimization, because although it is new, but the accumulation of local resource users in recent years, through word of mouth, we all know that the re opening of the forum, has become popular the most popular in a few days. read more

  • Zhang Changdong website operation a year flow of more than 10000 experience

    first of all, this article: congratulations on Zhang Changdong’s successful operation of the sweater network 1st anniversary,


    sweater net operation for one year, day IP flow of 10 million, ranked 150 thousand in the world, in a small industry is pretty good. Everyone probably wants to know about experience, and I’ve always wanted to sum up my experience and share it with you.

    but what I want to tell you is that there is no short cut experience on demand analysis and personal effort. Even if there are shortcuts, it is also accidental, not for the public. read more

  • The relationship between DA Bu Webmaster Tools update

    Google Chinese version of the official blog update will always be on the slow, like all Google products Chinese version of the same version, many countries out for a long time, only a Chinese version. Because I don’t like English clutter, so not stack port LXH is always more helpless. The latest article came out in September 21st, but the content was translated from Google’s English blog, which was written in July 20th, 2 months late. Because the picture blog is, the wall has been lost, not normal, so not content with Da Bu to tell you about this. read more

  • The horse prairie taobao com hand Furong’s conjecture

    source: while planning a new round of capital operation in the market before, this will be through the lobby eBay giants such as Taobao shares lotus, so as to further enhance the Taobao investment in the United States market visibility. If you ask the truth of this message, it is not known. But the Internet never afraid this rumor Weakness lends wings to rumours., at least also shows a kind of possibility and expectation. In the context of the financial crisis, the e-commerce leader will choose what kind of way to read more

  • Summary of popularization experience of Xinxiang life net

    for a year not to communicate with everybody, thanks to friends who have been to our attention and support, we often have friends with Q or call to consult our website promotion experience, because the work really busy, every time and exchange, are not enough fun today, rarely have time to write, we recently the website promotion experience and lessons, and we encourage each other.

    2009, should be a major turning point in life network in Xinxiang, the site abandoned positioning comprehensive portal website, a "classified information" section of the original location to the main station, all other columns all give up, positioning Xinxiang life network also to life as the main classification information, we aim is: content is king and the customer service center, all efforts in order to facilitate the people of Xinxiang. read more

  • NetEase how to make every item seem to be a good choice

    in the electricity supplier market matures today, consumers are becoming more and more picky, NetEase election at precisely this moment, a meteoric rise. And in the packaging of goods, strict selection is done so differently.

    is one of the few members of the domestic Internet company who is able to challenge BAT’s existing status, and NetEase has always wanted to achieve greater success outside the gaming world. And Ding Lei put the target in the electricity supplier. From 2011 to launch operation after a year declared off Netease Luxuries, launched in 2015 to two years now has been modest koala sea purchase. NetEase in the field of electricity supplier exploration is not smooth sailing, but its strategic intent will not give up because of a small setback. read more

  • My friendship invitation letter is for your reference

    to establish a good set of external links, for a new station, is essential.

    now many novice webmaster say, do not know how to find links, has been complaining about no connections, no resources. In fact, the link, as long as you insist on doing, and did not imagine so difficult.

    as long as you go to send some friendship link posts, or active point, be modest, will always find.

    the following, I take one of the non profit websites of the "network as an example, write a standard Links invitation letter, we hope to help. read more

  • Recommended 2014 most suitable for rural entrepreneurship projects

    now, the pace of development in rural areas, in rural entrepreneurship is the choice of many people, then there is no good way to rural entrepreneurship? 2014 the most suitable for rural entrepreneurship projects? Let’s take a look.

    <br rural="" entrepreneurs="" must="" remember:="" safety="" first,="" modern="" society="" has="" no="" accident="" by="" pass="" the="" second="" scale,="" is="" a="" source="" of="" benefits,="" standardization="" and="" modernization="" technology="" determines="" your="" career="" will="" have="" long-term="" development="" competitiveness.="" read more

  • Website analysis case 1 Crazy promotion revenue target

    this topic from the QQ group a friend’s message (now are full, recommend to Yahoo! Group published in issue), I was too busy, he can’t reply, but I feel that his problem is too good.

    now, I put his problem, "adding the trimmings to become a" real situation and more details of the case, take out, for all the friends to discuss, until we find a best analysis of ideas and solutions. This is a serial article, each case, the first release case by everyone to discuss, and finally I summed up the merits of everyone, and with their own views, to form a complete article. read more

  • New mode of catering O2O website operation

    for the catering industry, the intense burn money era is far from leaving, public comment and the United States group battle fiery. New competitors had reached the fierce hutch hegemony era ended, Baidu Nuomi to raise considerable status in the Baidu strategy, the establishment of a new Tencent catering O2O website. How strong is that the advent of the era, in this competition, the strength of the catering O2O sites in the competition will intensify the industry reshuffle, so the new reached Baidu Nuomi and Tencent, investment funds will become more and more huge, financing, fast track of burn. How to get out of this competition, financing and money burning mode in the new situation?. read more

  • Some ideas about how to do the web site

    often go to the local station much around the old webmaster want to know what to do in the station, what is the new theme stand also follow to learn. Turn more, go to the site is also more, I did not expect many webmaster still keen to do web site. I also do from the web site to start, I feel it is difficult to do a web site. I did not succeed, but the other success, but also good envy.

    is the envy of the web site, Baidu hao123, 265 giant figures web site, QQ site, Google, Sogou web site URL and some web site have the bright younger generation, all of them are the main flow bowl, if this was my site each site are included, the traffic will surge. Many want to put on their website registration page, but people don’t accept, bowl, arrogant. Consider not to be included is not unjust, I stop to flow to the rank did not rank, no traffic, from the giant web site closed eyes just a website than my website niubable, do not be recommended for Internet users. read more

  • Summing up three reasons for failure in one year

    there is an old saying: victory is the soldier. What is the unpredictable Internet world? There are successful webmaster, there will be a failure of the webmaster. Below, I do stand for one year, failed to do a few reasons for summing up, I hope to give you reference, less wrong road.

    One of the reasons for

    ‘s failure is lack of knowledge of station knowledge.

    mainly about domain name selection, space shopping. Domain name: at the beginning I casually take the domain name, do the movie station, I have made a DJ suffix, the bisexual station has made a sum, now remembered, the domain name really does not have the significance to speak. Space: bought a domestic space, is a package of years, encountered excessive traffic, I do not know how to solve the problem, always ask space providers to help add traffic, ha ha. read more

  • Ten tips for personal entrepreneurship

    personal entrepreneurship ten tips

    from the current social and economic development features, people’s work can basically be the following three types: state civil servants, employees of enterprises, and their own bosses. They are a lot of people but I am afraid that each one has its own merits; you want your boss! But who knows, the boss is the boss of the difficulty, not everyone can do the boss, is need diligence and wisdom to make a real money boss, do a successful boss. The ancients said: Great oaks from little acorns grow.! Any cause is to start from the drip; in the process of capital accumulation, constantly sum up experience, slowly! Everything is hard in the beginning! In the below we summarize the experience of predecessors on the basis of the combination of contemporary social development characteristics, summed up: individual entrepreneurial wealth ten tips! Hope to help my friends read more

  • Watercress with users to do the design depth interaction produce more value

    [core tip] article from the perspective of a watercress users to explore the value of watercress for users to create the road behind the design.

    a user’s Diary: my day is dedicated to watercress


    in the morning, a small A simple view of the day before the mail, the habit of opening the watercress, brush the neighbor state, see a neighbor to upload their French travel photos, photos of beautiful small A will recommend. Since the little A has been longing to travel alone, so she came to go abroad self-help group, began to look inside a lot of travel raiders. read more

  • The WAP stationmaster ‘ve collected Q Qqun

        do I have WAP webmaster will soon be 3 years, my WAP station is a station software, from the first day only a few dozen people, slowly do every day more than 50 thousand independent number, fulfilled the words, nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it. I do WAP station experience is not much, like everyone else, are in the group to find friends chain, the first chain too many, when also made a batch of iron buddies, how to say, WAP group is also a basic channel for everyone to survive. I also put my QQ inside the WAP collection, and to share with you. Recently done a lot of alliance, to recommend, Tata advertising alliance is my 3 years to do the most assured me that Tata alliance, volume to feel at ease, because their daily settlement begin from me has never stopped. Web site I will not, so as not to say I’m advertising, to Baidu GOOGLE search inside, you know. <br nbsp;=""  ="" the="" point="" at="" issue,="" i="" group="" no.!="" <br="" wap="" china="" soyuz="" 1="" 58795814="" 1,="" sp="" type="" mobile="" phone="" games="" 53251655<br="" 2,="" 58797173<br="" discussion;;="" 3,="" business="" ac="" 50309762<br="" &="" 4,="" 56983641<br="" communication="" software;="" 5,="" 61237552<br="" space;="" 6,="" 61237804<br="" mass="" communication;="" 7,="" 56984809<br="" entertainment="" exchange;;="" 8,="" 61237678<br="" money="" development;="" 9,="" chinese="" 2="" 60701564<br="" 10,="" 33579013<br="" chain="" exchange="" 11,="" novel="" 56984306<br="" 12,="" god="" alliance="" 11456736<br="" 13="" in="" league,="" webmaster="" 12824292<br="" gt;&nb>;="" 14;="" connection;="" trading="" market;="" 13640054 read more

  • Yi a summary of local website content construction of the five methods

    we all know that content is king, so the most critical job of operating a website is content construction, and local websites are no exception. Content often determines the height of a website, the key to the content construction of local websites is to give their users the most timely and original content.

    , from Sina for micro-blog, every media platform such as Sina micro-blog will have a vast amount of information, but the information is not new and original (Baidu not included), so to get the latest information from Sina and micro-blog to expand and refine through their own language, you can write an article the original place of the article, Sina News is now often use this method to update the content, to make news by the celebrity’s point of view, so that they can do a very good homegrown, recycling. read more

  • Stumbling along the road of life the webmaster may be my lifelong pursuit

    Mr. Lu Xun once said: " the world had no way, but more people go into the road,." I was born in 80s, has not experienced strong wind difficult, had no experience of the poorest countries have the most difficult age, not too much rain, nor too much rainbow. Every day is meaningless busy, without the concept of date and week. Even forget myself. Very quiet, what to write, what to think, calm down, think about, suddenly feel that their life has gone a long way. But I still don’t know if the road is the end of the road. read more

  • What should do to keep my visitors

    recently buy Group website has not been able to use a "fire" word to describe, from March Wang Xing’s group on-line so far, the country has been large and small over a thousand group buying site. Are group buying really popular? How big is the difference in the services offered by each group buying site? All these need to hit a big question mark.

    of course, this article does not begin with a discussion of the future of group buying websites. This article comes from word of mouth group head, word of mouth group is a website that provides group buying website and Group buy navigation service. read more

  • Red net to remember Wang Sicong rumored new girlfriend Sydney how to make billions of dollars in ann

    national husband Wang Sicong scandal continued, while the new upper rumored new girlfriend Sydney is no longer a soft little sister, but the annual income of billions of dollars Taobao red, is the real cause of the strong woman.

    <br: after="" zhang="" yuxi,="" wang="" sicong="" is="" said="" to="" have="" lightning="" for="" eleventh="" girlfriends.=""
    The cause of

    read more

  • What are the principles of the store location

    shop must first solve the problem of location, so to find a good location is very important. A small number of entrepreneurs who want to open a bun shop, in the face of fierce competition in the market, you have to choose a favorable geographical location. So what are the principles of the location?

    1, site selection principle

    bun business at 6 in the morning until 9:30 is a better operating point, and this time the busy work, busy school, in a hurry, so baozi Inn site to facilitate customers to buy the way, rather than a circle around to buy. The surrounding environment should be clean, the customer is more interested in buying. read more