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  • USS Ronald Reagan changes command

    first_img Share this article Authorities View post tag: US Navy View post tag: USS Ronald Reagan U.S. Navy’s only forward-deployed aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) has changed command.After two years of service, the current commanding officer, Capt. Christopher Bolt was relieved by Capt. Michael Donnelly during a change of command ceremony in the ship’s hangar bay, April 12.During Bolt’s tenure from July 2013 to April 2016, Ronald Reagan earned the 2013 Chief of Naval Operations Safety and Environmental Award and three consecutive Retention Excellence Awards.In 2015, Reagan completed an 8-month Planned Incremental Availability on time, marking the first time in more than eight years that an aircraft carrier finished PIA on schedule. Bolt’s leadership was instrumental during a hull swap with USS George Washington (CVN 73), which brought 3,000 newly combined ship’s company to Yokosuka, Japan, last summer.Rear Adm. John D. Alexander, commander, Task Force (CTF) 70, commended Bolt’s leadership and the crew’s performance under his command.“USS Ronald Reagan, led by Capt. Bolt, performed exceptionally throughout the three (carrier) hull swap, Ronald Reagan’s first deployment as the only forward-deployed aircraft carrier, and multiple engagements with our partners and allies around the region,” said Alexander. “He brought great leadership to the crew and effectively managed every task that was sent his way.”Bolt’s successor, Donnelly, assumed command after previously serving as the commanding officer of USS Denver (LPD 9) and the executive officer of USS Nimitz (CVN 68). Donnelly graduated from Villanova University in 1989 with more than 3,000 flight hours and 990 carrier landings in F-14 A, B and D and F/A-18F aircraft.center_img April 13, 2016 Back to overview,Home naval-today USS Ronald Reagan changes command USS Ronald Reagan changes commandlast_img read more

  • A star-tling change

    first_imgStandard conditional A-Level offers from Oxford for 2012 entry onwards will now require one or two A* grades in certain subjects. The university had previously stated that it would employ a trial period in which to monitor the effects of the new grade. However, following a review of 2010’s A-level results, some departments’ offers will include A*s.The move will affect courses in Mathematical, Physical & Life Sciences (MPLS). Students applying for Mathematics will now be expected to achieve A*A*A. Biology, Chemistry, Engineering and Physics courses will require A*AA for entry. A* offers are already routinely made at other top universities.Other departments will continue to use the standard offer of AAA, but the situation remains under review.The university emphasised that “A-level grades are far from the only selection criteria for Oxford” and that the initial decision to postpone the introduction of A* offers was not due to the university’s already low state school intake. Alex Bulfin, OUSU Vice President for Access and Academic Affairs, warned that A* offers “may act as a deterrent to applicants from low socio-economic backgrounds”. Julia Paolitto, a spokesperson for Oxford admissions, told Cherwell, “Oxford’s policy on the A* grade was to wait two years as teachers indicated that they were uncertain about predictions.“It is now clear that many students in the sciences get the A* grade, and that it would be reasonable to ask for an A*. By 2012 Oxford believes teachers will have two years of running the syllabus and therefore be able to predict those getting the A* with more confidence.” OUSU have raised concerns about the impact the new offers may have on access. They emphasised OUSU “will not support the introduction of A* offers where the projected impact on the student body will be negative and where such use of the A* will harm Oxford’s work on access and widening participation.” However, in a joint statement with OUSU President David Barclay, Bulfin said there was “less scope for negative impact of an A* in MPLS admissions and potential for some positive consequences”, citing Oxford’s competition from other universities.“There is a risk that as more and more institutions start asking for the A*, the perception to prospective students is that Oxford’s courses are not as good.“In some MPLS courses last year 100% of those who were offered places and came here to study already had an A* in their A-level results.”Some students have responded positively to the changes. Carl Bootland, a first year Mathematics student at Exeter, achieved four A* grades in his A-levels.“I would not be put off from applying to institutions wanting an A*, but it would certainly have changed my second choice university via UCAS.”Charles Hardwick, President of the OU Engineering Society, said, “making A*AA a standard offer for MPLS is simply falling into line with the competition… As for access, in comparison with the upcoming fee increases, the effect of requiring an A* as a prerequisite will be minimal.”last_img read more

  • Sullivan Works To Expand Pre-K Pilot Program

    first_imgState Rep. Holli Sullivan (R-Evansville) is co-authoring legislation that would expand Indiana’s pre-K pilot program for low income students.The current On My Way Pre-K pilot program was established in 2014 and serves nearly 2,300 students in Allen, Lake, Marion, Jackson and Vanderburgh counties. Sullivan’s legislation would add up to five more counties.Children who aren’t ready for Kindergarten are half as likely to read proficiently by third grade. Students who aren’t reading proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to drop out of school before graduation, Sullivan said.“This is one more tool we can use to help close the achievement gap for low-income, at-risk children,” Sullivan said. “As a parent, I understand that one of the most effective ways to support our youth is to offer them high-quality early childhood education opportunities. If we better equip our children through early education and necessary wrap around services it will provide benefits to the entire state.”Sullivan said that over time, this program will increase graduation rates, decrease need for remediation and improve wage-earning potential for Indiana’s youth.House Bill 1004 has been assigned to the House Committee on Education.Visit to learn more about HB 1004.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

  • Press release: Government sets out plan for national effort on PPE

    first_imgSecretary of State for Scotland Alister Jack said: The 3-strand plan sets out: I will stop at nothing to protect those on the frontline who are fighting this virus. Our heroic health and care staff are working around the clock and my absolute priority is to support them. Our new online ordering tool for PPE is supported by a 24/7national supply and logistics network. There is a herculean effort behind the scenes, supported by the military, to get the right kit to our frontline heroes. These new supply chains, matched with a call to arms for more businesses and organisations to join this national effort, will help save lives. To date, over 761 million pieces of PPE delivered across the UK Full, 24/7 military operation underway to manage supply and demand right across the UK New domestic PPE manufacturing effort with Rolls Royce and McLaren to make more protective equipment Website launching to enable primary, social, and community care providers to request critical PPE guidance: being clear who needs PPE and when, and who does not, based on UK clinical expertise and WHO standards. This will ensure workers on the front line are able to do their jobs safely, while making sure PPE is only used when clinically necessary and isn’t wasted or stockpiled distribution: making sure those who need PPE can get it and at the right time. The government will ensure those who need critical PPE receive it as quickly as possible by setting up a new national supply system future supply: taking action to secure enough PPE to see us through the crisis. The actions being taken to ensure we have enough critical PPE to last the UK through the pandemic, working alongside industry to boost future supply. The government has already co-ordinated deliveries of PPE directly to health and care providers and to 38 local resilience forums across England. These efforts are being co-ordinated across all 4 nations of the UK to ensure appropriate distribution of critical PPE A UK-wide plan to ensure that critical personal protective equipment (PPE) is delivered to those on the frontline responding to coronavirus (COVID-19) has been published today by Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock.The 3-strand plan launched today will provide clear guidance on who needs PPE and when they need it, ensure those who need it can get it at the right time and set out action to secure enough PPE to last through the crisis.A full, 24/7 military operation is already underway to deal with the unprecedented, global demand for PPE as a result of this pandemic.A new national supply and logistics network has been created from scratch in a matter of weeks to manage supply and demand across the UK, and to make sure appropriate PPE reaches those who need it.A new website, developed with the help of the military, is being rolled out in the coming weeks to improve distribution and will enable primary, social and community care providers in England to order critical PPE.In addition, a new PPE hub provides easy access to all the government’s guidance on PPE in one place – a one-stop shop people can visit to understand what PPE they need.This is in addition to a 24-hour helpline that already allows providers to request emergency drops of PPE to meet immediate need.Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said: Since the beginning of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, over 761 million items of PPE have been delivered across the UK to 58,000 different settings, including hospitals, hospices, care homes, home care providers, GPs, pharmacists and dentists to ensure our frontline is protected. This includes 158 million masks, 135 million aprons and 360 million pairs of gloves.The plan also emphasises the need to ramp up domestic production of PPE. The government is calling on industry to join forces to manufacture more protective equipment to support the national effort.Already companies such as Burberry, Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Ineos and Diageo have started work to produce equipment including gowns, visors and hand hygiene products.Last week, following extensive consultation with the Medical Royal Colleges, all 4 UK governments published updated guidance for PPE for health and care workers. This covers doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, social workers and social care staff.Critical PPE guidance has also been published for cleaners, funeral directors and first responders. Beyond these roles in settings including supermarkets and public transport, the clinical evidence, which is kept under review, does not suggest widespread benefit from wearing PPE over and above social distancing, social isolation and good hand hygiene.In addition to this a new dedicated team has been set up to focus on securing supplies and identifying PPE suppliers from across the globe to meet the increasing demand for a growing list of products, with a call to arms to businesses to turn their manufacturing efforts to this response to meet technical specifications published by government.Businesses and organisations including Kingfisher Group, Apple, Huawei and BP have also stepped up to the plate to generously offer their own PPE for use by the NHS and public organisations.Notes to editors As we tackle the coronavirus pandemic, we have never been more grateful for our health and care workers who are on the front line looking after patients. This UK-wide strategy will make sure these heroic workers continue to have the protection they need to stay safe as they carry out this crucial work. Backed by the UK military, it will manage supply and demand right across the country. We have been working closely with the Scottish Government and the other devolved administrations to make sure front linestaff right across the UK are properly protected. To assist in this call to action, potential manufacturers can access the specifications on GOV.UK new offers can continue to be made via The full PPE plan has been published on GOV.UK The PPE guidance hub can be found on GOV.UKlast_img read more

  • Watch The Red Hot Chili Peppers Perform “Johnny B. Goode” In Honor Of Chuck Berry

    first_imgOn Saturday afternoon, news spread that Chuck Berry passed away at 90-years-old. By Saturday night, live performers everywhere were finding ways to tribute the Father of Rock and Roll. From Joe Russo’s Almost Dead to The Revivalists, bands around the world fit tributes into their own showcase to honor the legend and his influence on music. Red Hot Chili Peppers also paid tribute to Berry on Saturday night at their concert in Vancouver, performing “Johnny B. Goode” in his honor.The Chili Peppers’ performance of “Johnny B. Goode” led into their original “Me and My Friends” from their 1987 The Uplift Mofo Party Plan. Watch the electrifying performance below:The Red Hot Chili Peppers will play Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, CA before taking a few weeks off. They will return to the stage on April 12 at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC, then continue on their world tour through the summer. For tour date information, head to the band’s website.last_img read more

  • Pesticides result in lower sperm counts

    first_imgMen who ate fruits and vegetables with higher levels of pesticide residues — such as strawberries, spinach, and peppers — had lower sperm counts and lower percentages of normal sperm than those who ate produce with lower residue levels, according to a new study by researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. It is the first study to look at the connection between exposure to pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables and semen quality.The study appeared online today in the journal Human Reproduction.“To our knowledge, this is the first report to link consumption of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, a primary exposure route for most people, to an adverse reproductive health outcome in humans,” said Jorge Chavarro, assistant professor of nutrition and epidemiology and the study’s senior author.Numerous studies had shown that consuming conventionally grown fruits and vegetables resulted in measurable pesticide levels in urine. Other studies had uncovered associations between occupational and environmental exposure to pesticides and lower semen quality. But only a few studies had linked consumption of pesticide residues in food to health effects, and none had looked at the effects on semen quality.The researchers used data from 155 men enrolled in the Environment and Reproductive Health (EARTH) study, an ongoing National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences-funded study at a fertility center in Boston. Data included 338 semen samples provided between 2007 and 2012 and validated survey information about participants’ diets. The researchers classified fruits and vegetables according to whether they contained high amounts of pesticide residues (such as peppers, spinach, strawberries, apples, and pears) or low-to-moderate amounts (such as peas, beans, grapefruit, and onions), based on data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Pesticide Data Program. They then adjusted for factors such as smoking and body mass index — both known to affect sperm quality — and looked for connections between the men’s intake of produce with pesticide residue and the quality of their sperm.The results showed that men who ate greater amounts of fruits and vegetables with higher levels of pesticide residue — more than 1.5 servings per day — had 49 percent lower sperm count and 32 percent lower percentage of normal sperm than men who ate the least (less than 0.5 serving per day). They also had a lower sperm counts, lower ejaculate volumes, and lower percentages of normal sperm.The men who ate the most fruits and vegetables with low-to-moderate levels of pesticide residue had higher percentages of normal sperm than those who ate less fruits and vegetables with low-to-moderate levels.“These findings should not discourage the consumption of fruit and vegetables in general,” said Chavarro. “In fact, we found that consuming more fruits and vegetables with low pesticide residues was beneficial. This suggests that implementing strategies specifically targeted at avoiding pesticide residues, such as consuming organically grown produce or avoiding produce known to have large amounts of residues, may be the way to go.”Other Harvard Chan School researchers involved in the study included lead author Yu-Han Chiu, Myriam Afeiche, Audrey Gaskins, Paige Williams, and Russ Hauser.Funding for the study came from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Institutes of Health grants, and Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award.last_img read more

  • Watch Amber Riley Make ‘And I Am Telling You…’ Her Own

    first_imgAmber Riley And we are telling you that you’re gonna love her! Amber Riley will soon headline Casey Nicholaw’s Dreamgirls production in the West End and on October 7 she stopped by The Graham Norton Show to sing the show’s epic anthem, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.” Her role of Effie White garnered a Tony for The Color Purple’s Jennifer Holliday and an Oscar for Jennifer Hudson and it’s clear by this video that Riley will make the character her own. The musical is set to begin performances on November 19 and officially open on December 14 at the Savoy Theatre; surely a Broadway transfer is on the cards! View Commentslast_img read more

  • Vermont Employee Ownership Center Announces Formation of Board

    first_imgThe Vermont Employee Ownership Center (VEOC) announces the formation of its founding board. Cindy Turcot, Chief Financial Officer of Gardener’s Supply Company, was elected Board Chair. “At a time when the Vermont economy is faced with business shutdowns by out-of-state owners, it is clear we need a new model for business development and growth,” saidTurcot. “We must recognize that the strength of the Vermont economy is built on strong, locally-owned businesses.”The Vermont Employee Ownership Center is a new statewide non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and foster employee ownership inorder to broaden capital ownership, deepen employee participation, retain jobs, increase living standards for working families, and stabilize communities. The Center will provide information and resources to owners interested in selling their business to their employees, employee groups interested in purchasing a business, and entrepreneurs who wish to start-up a company with broadly shared ownership.”Extensive research has proven that employee-owned businesses out-perform and are more sustainable than their competitors in the same industries. There couldn’t be a better time to give Vermonters back control of their economic future with a proven model of business ownership: employee ownership,” states Chair Turcot.The Center is modeled on the highly successful Ohio Employee Ownership Center, whose staff will advise the Vermont Center’s staff in its earlyyears. The Board plans to launch the Center in the fall, and has embarked on an effort to raise seed funding to match a $100,000 appropriation from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that was secured by Rep. Bernard Sanders.The Center has already been involved in three efforts to save Vermont jobs, with initial staffing provided by Don Jamison of the Burlington Community Land Trust. In Island Pond, the Center has provided assistance to the Island Pond Woodworkers Alliance, a group of thirty workers who were laid off last summer when an Ethan Allen Furniture factory was closed. The Alliance is developing plans to open a new wood products business. In Springfield, the Center helped a United Electrical Workers local representing out-of-work employees of Bryant Grinder and Fellows Corporation raise funds and hire consultants to research feasibility of an employee purchase of those companies. In Waterbury, a group of tenemployees recently purchased Topline Marketing from its founder, thanks to preliminary assistance from the Center.The Center also succeeded in inserting an amendment into legislation recently signed into law by Governor Howard Dean. This revision of the statute governing Professional Corporations will allow Employee Stock Ownership Plans in such corporations, provided they are permitted by the profession’s own governing bodies. This change makes it possible for anarchitectural firm, for example, to share some of the increase in the value of the firm with non-professional employees. Attorney Steve Magowan, a partner in the law firm of Gravel and Shea, identified the need for this change in the law, and developed the language that made its way into the legislation.The other members of the VEOC board are: Bruce Seifer, Assistant Director for Economic Development in Burlington’s Community and EconomicDevelopment Office (Vice Chair); Mary Houghton, Finance Director of theBurlington Community Land Trust (Secretary and Treasurer); George Clain, President and Assistant Business Manager of Local 300, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; Jon Crystal, Assistant Vice Presidentat the University of Vermont; Wayne Fawbush, Executive Director of theVermont Sustainable Jobs Fund; Michael Gurdon, Professor of BusinessAdministration at the University of Vermont; Pam Greene, Executive Director of the Women’s Small Business Program; and Paul Millman, Vice President of Chroma Technology Corporation.last_img read more

  • Molly Lambert leaving Captive job to work for USDA

    first_imgUS Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) is recommending veteran economic development specialist Molly Lambert to President Barack Obama as Leahy’s choice to be the USDA’s State Director for Rural Development for Vermont and New Hampshire. The senior senator of the President’s party recommends candidates for this and other federal leadership posts in his or her home state, subject to approval of the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the President. Leahy also is the most senior member of either party on the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, And Forestry, which has jurisdiction over USDA and its programs.USDA’s Director for Rural Development each year oversees the investment of tens of millions of dollars in each state to promote and support rural economic development, through loans and grants to individuals, organizations, businesses and communities. In 2008, USDA Rural Development distributed almost $200 million in federal funding to Vermont and New Hampshire with Vermont receiving $90 million and New Hampshire receiving $109 million. These programs range from direct mortgage assistance to income-eligable homebuyers, energy efficiency grants to businesses making energy improvements, water and wastewater improvement grants and loans to communities and much more. For more information, visit USDA Rural Development’s Vermont and New Hampshire webpage at is external).Lambert, who lives in Swanton, has a long record of leadership on economic development in Vermont. She was Vermont’s Secretary of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development from 1998 to 2002 under Governor Howard Dean. Before that she was executive director of the Church Street Marketplace from 1991 to 1998, and she currently is president of the Vermont Captive Insurance Association. She has long contributed her talents to such nonprofit organizations as COTS, Howard Mental Health, Chittenden County United Way and the Greater Burlington YMCA.Leahy said, “Molly Lambert has been a pillar of economic development in Vermont for two decades, and now she will be able to turn her talents exclusively to the challenge of economic development in the rural communities of Vermont and New Hampshire. She knows the value of building strong partnerships, and she will bring to this job the values of competence, leadership and community service that the Obama Administration is restoring to government service.”Lambert will be charged with leading the organization as it receives an influx of federal funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.LETTER FROM MOLLY LAMBERT April 9, 2009:Dear Members and Friends,It is with great humility that I forward you the press release that came from the office of Senator Patrick Leahy this morning.It has been such a privilege to work with all of you on behalf of Vermont’s captive insurance industry during the last seven years and I cannot thank you enough for your loyalty and support.Sincerely,Molly Lambert, VCIA Presidentlast_img read more