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  • Members suspended after OUCA’s racist hustings

    first_img“I cannot reiterate strongly enough that OUCA has no place for racism, and abhors and rejects all racial prejudice.”In light of the controversy, Lewis Iwu, President of the Oxford University Students’ Union, said he would be submitting an emergency motion to OUSU Council today which if passed would prevent OUCA from attending Fresher’s Fair.“I intend to submit an emergency motion to OUSU Council to make it clear just how disgusted the student community are with these events,” he said.“Oxford University is the most famous and the most fascinating University in the world. However recent events regarding race have created a moral stain on this University’s reputation. I seriously believe that Oxford needs a very clear and public strategy on how it intends to be not just reactive to events such those that happened at the OUCA husts but proactive.“I also call on the Oxford Union to consider whether or not OUCA should be able to use their premises, given what has recently occured there.”The Oxford University Labour Club (OULC) has also canceled a debate they were due to have with OUCA on Monday of 8th week, with a statement issued by the society declaring: “There is no way that we could stand on the same platform with an organisation which advocates racism and bigotry of the most hateful order.”Asked to comment further, OULC co-Chair Jamie Susskind said he was shocked and appalled by the recent events.“Anthony Boutall looked me in the eye and told me that OUCA had changed. Clearly he was not telling the truth.”He added, “Statements of condemnation by the national Conservative Party are not enough. It is time for Baroness Thatcher to resign as Patron of OUCA, for William Hague to renounce his Honorary Presidency, and for David Cameron to disown this shameful organization.”Michael Howard, the Conservative MP who was to attend OUCA’s termly dinner yesterday has cancelled his visit in the light of the events. It is not the first time that OUCA has attracted negative headlines. In 2004 the ex-Treasurer of the society, Anatole Pang, was found guilty of bringing OUCA into disrepute after posting “offensive” comments about India in a newsletter, whilst in 2000 four members of the association were expelled from a meeting for making “Nazi-style salutes.”The latest allegations have met with mixed reaction from the OUCA membership.One member described the jokes as “tongue in cheek, ironic would be the word for it…More banter than anything else.”Another member added, “It was loud. The R.O. was getting angry, there 
was loads of yelling…It was a pretty funny situation.”A number of committee members have stated that the Association’s hustings have always included non-political questions. “It is somewhat of an OUCA tradition to ask two or three slightly outrageous questions” explained the source, “Everyone who’s there expects certain things to go on. It’s all in good spirits.”“We sometimes get questions in hustings, ‘What sort of animal would you go to bed with?’”, stated committee member, “Unfortunately, it shows how old-fashioned the society is.”Another added, “It goes up upwards by ranks, then you get asked ‘What sort of position would you like to have sex with an animal?’ Presidential candidates also get quizzed to name all British territories. We really need to reform OUCA before the elections.”Emmanuel Efunbote, an OUCA member, commented, “This isn’t my first Conservative association, I was a member at Durham and King’s College and we didn’t get things like this.”However he added, “Neither OUCA nor any other Conservative organisation that I have been part of are racist in my own personal experiences.”Danny Buck, an OUCA member, stated the association’s need to reform. He said, ” I’m willing to attest to peer pressure and the atmospheres at hust having served in them 3 times. The only way I avoided racism was by silliness and that the current president and president elect said a lot worse things… The hidden corruption is that of old school ties and more vitally masonry. We need a new Tory reform group urgently.” The Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA) has been rocked by the allegations of institutional racism, prompting the suspension of two members of the society from the national Conservative party.The controversy erupted following hustings for the society’s elections this week, with candidates asked to tell the most racist joke they knew and what was their least favourite minority.In response, one of the candidates answered the question with a joke about a black person hanging in a family tree.The other said, “What do you say when you see a television moving around in the dark?”, with only the intervention of the Assistant Returning Officer preventing the racist punchline from being uttered.The episode has sparked universal outrage, with officials from the national Conservative Party moving to suspend the students from the party within hours of them being notified of the incident.“We take matters of this kind incredibly seriously,” said a Conservative Party spokesman. “People who behave in this disgusting and reprehensible way have no place in the Conservative Party.”A member of the society’s committee has resigned from OUCA as a result of the controversy.Anthony Boutall, the president of the association, admitted that the situation has turned into “a bit of a row”. He added, “I don’t want this shit hanging around in my term and on my watch, so we’re going to have a
 DC to sort it out.”He explained situation saying, “There was a great deal of noise at the OUCA hustings on Sunday. I did not hear a racist joke, but it has come to my attention that something offensive was said.“A Disciplinary Committee has been called for Saturday and, while I do not have the power to prejudge the decision of the DC, I can give a personal pledge that if these individuals are found guilty, I shall use my powers to their fullest capacity, making it my top priority to ensure that they play no further part in the Association.last_img read more

  • Harlem craze shakes Oxford

    first_imgAlistair Adams, who organised the St Catz Shake commented “there’s a fantastic community spirit here at Catz and I really think the video shows that… I’d have to agree with the poll on the Oxford Tab [according to which, Catz has the best Oxford College Harlem Shake Video], although the Pembroke MCR one is pretty funny.” Juliette Ginsberg, also of St Catz, told Cherwell that the film has “clearly cemented Catz in a strong position to win over allies and continueour ongoing war with Magdalen!” Some students at Wadham have likewise seen the Shake as an opportunity to point to wider issues. The Wadham version sees students eating in hall, with the lone dancer, first year Bertrand Nzabandora, dancing on a table in a ‘V for Vendetta’ mask. He then is suddenly joined by about 150 students in fancy dress. Luke Buckley, who organised the film told Cherwell that the motivation behind the Wadham film was to “[…] go beyond the usual boundaries that separate people into groups that are essentially arbitrary, and to challenge the stereotypical depiction of Oxford students as overly studious, pretentious, bourgeois, arrogant, etcetera.”“That was also what I felt made the Wadham shake different. We did it in our historic dining hall. So it was necessarily subversive in a way that doing it outside or in the JCR or in some other ostensibly uncontroversial area would not be.” Wadham was granted permission to film in their 17th century hall. However, at St Hilda’s, students face being “deaned” for making their film in the college library. The film organiser, who wishes to remain anonymous, commented “I hope there won’t be a punishment! It only took about 7 minutes to film and we did it at 11:30 on Sunday night so that minimal [sic] people would be disturbed and we asked the people in the library who weren’t involved if it was ok, so in my opinion we did nothing wrong.”Other colleges such as LMH plan to shake in the near future. However, some are already getting sick of the craze. Ben Cohen, who filmed both the Catz and Wadham shakes told Cherwell “‘I am just really tired of that song now.” The Harlem Shake craze continues to grip Oxford. This week saw an Oxford-wide version filmed on Sunday 17th in front of the Rad Cam. St Catz, St Hilda’s and Wadham, among other colleges, have also created their own versions of the internet meme this week. These new interpretations of the globally popular meme follow the first Oxford University-based efforts made by Pembroke and Hertford, posted on the 10th and 12th February respectively. Roughly 130 revellers attended the Oxfordwide Shake filmed on Sunday outside the iconic Rad Cam. The event was organised by Brookes student, Freddy Millburn-Fryer and the film currently has over 16,000 views on YouTube. Filming began at 2.15pm and captured students from Brookes and Oxford University dancing in fancy dress. Two Oxford University students can even be seen “milking” themselves in full sub fusc. The first ‘Harlem Shake’ video was uploaded on the 2nd February by five teenagers in Queensland, Australia. Since then, over 40,000 versions have been uploaded to YouTube. The general pattern of the meme is of a 30 second video featuring the song “Harlem Shakes” by American DJ, Baauer. Generally, the video begins with one person (usually helmeted or masked) dancing alone, surrounded by others who are apparently unaware of his or her presence. The lone dancer is then joined by a crowd of dancers for the next fifteen seconds.Collectively, versions of the Harlem Shake have been viewed over 175 million times and the craze caused the song to reach number three in the UK charts. In terms of views, St Catz is currently in the lead with nearly 30,000 hits. Millburn Fryer commented “As much as it hurts me to say it,[St Catz] are beating my video on YouTube at the moment, so I’m livid about that as mine is clearly better.” He also added in relation to his version of the meme “I knew I could rely on the Oxford student demographic to bring their A Game and they surely did. The video is fantastically fun; I’ve had a lot of great feedback. It’s a crazy, undefinable moment that will stay with me forever.” last_img read more

  • Commentary: Mr. Rogers’ Powerful Legacy Of Silent Kindness

    first_imgCommentary: Mr. Rogers’ Powerful Legacy Of Silent Kindness By Michael LeppertMichaelLeppert.comWith all the noisy exclamations and chest-thumping in our culture today, it’s hard to imagine a man like Fred Rogers would even get noticed. Think about it for a moment. Who else today has a brand built on kindness and silence?His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, comes to mind.Joanne Rogers only had one request before the most recent movie was made about her late husband though, as reported by Amy Kaufman of the Los Angeles Times: that the filmmakers “not treat her husband as a saint.” Technically, Mister Rogers was not a saint, though he was an ordained Presbyterian minister. That said, I can’t think of anyone more saintly.Kindness is easy to explain. Spiritually healthy people are usually kind–it is sort of part of the package. But silence? Purposeful silence is difficult.For example, convincing you to stop reading this column for an entire minute, sit silently in gratitude, and then come back to finish it would be unlikely. Don’t accuse me of not knowing my readers. My columns are classified as “four-minute reads,” which makes them already too long in most circles today. Adding 25 percent more time to this lengthy exercise might damage my already modest ratings.Silence is powerful in so many ways. Rogers knew how to convince people to embrace a silent minute as well as anyone. But the quiet around him was more than his “silent minute” exercise. It was more an aura of deliberate thoughtfulness with hypnotic strength.Last holiday season, I was stricken by the documentary of Mr. Rogers’ life, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor.” I really only watched it because I thought I should, not because I actually wanted to. The movie experience was as profound as any I can remember. So much so, my wife and I were initially hesitant to even go see this year’s “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.” Even with it starring Tom Hanks, in his latest role that will certainly land him his sixth Academy Award nomination.We were worried that dramatizing the iconic man was risky. And it was a little. But the latest movie tells a tale of why Rogers was so important in terms that should make sense to people who may not have grown up with him. The new movie details the relationship that was formed when Esquire magazine reporter Tom Junod was assigned the task of writing a simple profile of Mr. Rogers in a “hero” edition in 1998. At the time, Junod was angrily struggling with some familial challenges that are not particularly out of the ordinary.Diffusing Junod’s anger, and Rogers’ fascination with whatever was causing it was the point of the story. And that is what fascinates me about Rogers. He focused most of his teaching toward children, and the seemingly unlimited temper tantrum our culture seems stuck in right now has me viewing much of America as the kind of angry young child that could use a guiding light.For me, the most powerful scene of the entire movie was when Rogers asks Junod to share a minute of silence with him at a lunch spot in his hometown of Pittsburgh. It seemed as though every other person in the cafe knew that it was time for a silent minute and every person in the place joined. In his portrayal, Hanks stared down the camera with his version of a neighborly gentle smile, as if to invite everyone in the theater to join the restaurant’s patrons in what became a deafening silence. The time was to be spent by Junod remembering all of the people who had helped him become the person he was that day.I won’t forget it.Our collective instincts seem to be driving our communication to a loud, confrontational style these days. Whether it is yelling over one another on a news station panel or the mic drop endings of so many public speaking events, it seems that there is little space for a commitment to a quietly kind approach to living. That style is labeled too passive or even weak and is certainly not often seen for the strength it actually embodies. Never have we needed that style to begin trending more than we need it today.Mr. Rogers Neighborhood was a show that was on television when almost nothing else was. I have thought about it more in the last year than I did in my previous 50. On this Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I cannot think of a better way to spend a silent minute. Can you?FOOTNOTE:  Michael Leppert is a public and governmental affairs consultant in Indianapolis and writes his thoughts about politics, government and anything else that strikes him at LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

  • High street chains criticised in Irresponsibility Deal report

    first_imgCompanies including Subway, Costa and Samworth Brothers, have been slammed for not signing up to elements of the government’s public health Responsibility Deal in a new report from the Children’s Food Campaign.Subway and Costa were both criticised in the report called The Irresponsibility Deal for not signing up to the out-of-home calorie labelling pledge under the government scheme, while Starbucks, Fine Lady Bakeries and Samworth Brothers were criticised for “rejecting” the government’s salt pledge.The report claimed the government’s Responsibility Deal was better for the food industry than public health and was “likely to fail” because industry commitments were “weak, voluntary and ignored by numerous big food companies”. Subway and Costa were named in the report, among several other restaurant chains, for “rejecting” out-of-home calorie labelling. “This is very disappointing because the food sold by these household name brands is eaten by millions of people,” said the report.Subway said that information on calories, salt, fat, saturated fat and sugar had been displayed on the glass counter fronts in all its 1,500 stores in the UK and Ireland for almost two years.last_img read more

  • News story: Collaborate in a business-academic partnership: apply for funding

    first_img applications for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are open throughout the year the deadline for applications for this round is 29 May 2019. If an application misses a deadline it will automatically be entered into the next round projects can last between 1 to 3 years businesses and not-for-profit organisations of any size can apply the size of the grant and own contribution can vary. Typically: Programme information Read more about the partnership. focus on a specific project set out the nature and goals of the project give details of who will take part establish what the graduate is expected to deliver Qioptiq’s largest ever contractQioptiq designs and manufactures photonic products across multiple markets and sectors, including X-ray imaging for medical and modules for defence.Following a KTP with the Cardiff Business School at Cardiff University, Qioptiq secured a contract with the Ministry of Defence worth £82 million – the company’s largest ever – to ensure UK armed forces will have access to essential night vision equipment.As a result of the contract, Qioptiq opened a £3.7 million warehouse in North Wales and increased its staff numbers. Search for and contact a Knowledge Transfer Adviser.center_img Translating research into commercial successThe KTP programme was expanded in the 2018 Budget, with £25 million invested to create more than 200 spaces for additional graduates and academics to work together over the next 5 years.UK businesses looking to work on innovative projects with graduates or research entities can receive funding and support through KTPs.Projects can focus on any technology or industry area, and last between 1 to 3 years.Applicants must: Businesses can apply for a share of £40 million to participate in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).KTPs offer funding and support to turn academic insight into successful products and services, promoting growth and future development.Businesses can build on existing relationships with an academic partner or begin a new collaboration with a university, college or research and technology organisation. small and medium-sized businesses can contribute around £35,000 per year, or around one-third of the project costs large businesses contribute about £55,000 per year, or half of the project costs Find out more about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and how to apply.last_img read more

  • Fresh air fun

    first_imgSetting up at dawn on West Grand Lake for a day of ice fishing.Many people choose to live in Maine for the access to great outdoor activities. In fact, there can be so much to do and enjoy in the outdoors that we can only do so much with the free time we are allotted. I have been asked to do some outdoor stories for the Daily Bulldog, and my plan is to highlight the adventures and people that make living in the Pine Tree State unique, interesting, and invigorating. I hope to do this by telling some of my own stories, sharing descriptive photos and interviewing people that may be of interest to readers of the DB. My goal is to take advantage of the season at hand and provide people with motivation to “get out” and experience all that the Maine outdoors has to offer.Morning fog over Flagstaff lake hazes the view of the Bigelow Range.Maine winters can be either long and boring, or fresh and invigorating, depending on, well, your attitude and approach towards them. Snowmobiling and ice fishing are two sports that can either stand alone or be used in conjunction with each other to make the experience better.Snowmobiling in Maine is both popular and an economic boom to many Maine towns and regions, particularly Northern and Western Maine. A recent study by the University of Maine said snowmobiling generated $459 million in direct spending to the Maine economy and supported 2,279 jobs during the 2018/2019 season. People from away flock to Maine for the miles and miles of trails available and for the usually reliable snowpack. A network of snowmobile clubs maintains thousands of miles of trails to some of the most remote and scenic areas of Maine. While out of staters tend to use the well-known and popular ITS trails, Mainers in the know flock to the lesser known club trails and side trails to destinations like scenic views and remote lakes and rivers.Scott Harmon handles a nice Landlocked Salmon before releasing it back into the cold waters of West Grand Lake.Ice fishing is a great family sport, and whether you choose to target trout and salmon for sport and table fare, or perch, bass, pickerel and pike for guaranteed action, it can be a great way to get some fresh air and activity and enjoy the camaraderie of family and friends.For the truly adventurous, combining snowmobiling and ice fishing to search out quality remote fishing opportunities can be high level excitement and create the experiences that make for lifetime memories. One such trip has become an annual adventure for me and my two buds Jim and Scott. We have been snowmobiling into West Grand Lake from Rt 6 in Topsfield, a 25-mile round trip, for about 20 years. The dynamics of this trip changed a couple years ago when Jim acquired a lot and built a camp near West Grand. We now have a destination to stay overnight. The fishing has been at times extraordinary and at times quite ordinary, but we always manage a few trout and salmon, and the adventure never fails to disappoint. I usually leave my home in New Sharon around 4 a.m., and we are fishing by mid-day. Sometimes our snowmobile, tote and dogsled train resemble the Beverly Hillbillies of Washington County, but we are never lacking for the essentials and gear to pull it off.last_img read more

  • Watch Widespread Panic’s Pro-Shot Footage Of ‘Solid Rock’ From Vegas

    first_imgJust last month, Widespread Panic brought their traveling jams to The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV for a three-night musical celebration. The Sin City is always kind to Panic fans, as the band harnesses the city’s energy and pours it through their performances. It’s the run that keeps on running, as Panic continues to share special moments from their pro-shot memory bank.Last week, the band released a video of “Sell Sell” for fans to enjoy. A few days later, they shared footage of their emotional “Pilgrims”. Today, we have another pro-shot look inside the run of their performance of “Solid Rock”. Watch the video below.Setlist: Widespread Panic at The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV – 7/10/16Set 1: One Arm Steve, Machine > Barstools & Dreamers, The Last Straw > Mountain Jam > Let’s Get The Show On The Road, Steven’s Cat, Weight of the World*, Tail Dragger*, High Time We Went*Set 2: Pigeons, Solid Rock, Sell Sell, Porch Song > Low Spark of High Heeled Boys**, Big Wooly Mammoth** > Drums^ > Cease Fire > Blue Indian, Protein Drink / Sewing MachineEncore: Expiration Day, Climb To SafetyNotes:* w/ Dirty Dozen Brass Band** w/ Gregory Davis, Trumpet; Efrem Towns, Trumpet^ Duane onlylast_img read more

  • £150m Princes Dock enters second phase

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  • Year-In-Review: Changing Harrisburg and Taking on the Status Quo

    first_imgLike Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: YEAR IN REVIEW SHARE TWEET December 15, 2016 By: J.J. Abbott, Deputy Press Secretary 2016 In Review,  GO-TIME,  Government That Works,  The Blog,  Year in Review For years, Harrisburg has defended the status quo, and too often, special interests and the well-connected are put before Pennsylvania families and the middle class.To change this, Governor Wolf continued his efforts this year to make state government more efficient, innovative, responsive, and accountable.The Governor’s cost-saving and government-transformation office, GO-TIME, announced first year savings of $156 million and a new goal of $500 million by 2020.For example, the Department of Human Services reduced the SNAP error rate to save $44 million and the Department of General Services has saved more than $68 million by taking a more strategic approach to how the commonwealth procures goods and services.These savings are being reinvested into programs and used to absorb rising costs in other areas of the budget so we can continue to deliver high quality services to our citizens.Governor Wolf’s administration continues to make state government more responsive to the needs of middle class families and taxpayers.Here’s some highlights of Governor Wolf’s actions to make state government better:The expansion of Medicaid gave health insurance to 700,000 Pennsylvanians.Governor Wolf fought to save health insurance for 180,000 seniors and 3,600 kids.Online voter registration reached nearly one million users.PennDOT launched new innovations to improve DMV customer service.DMVA helped find housing for nearly 2,500 homeless veterans.Pennsylvania launched an extensive review of the state’s criminal justice system.For much more about what we’ve achieved, please visit the Results page on our website. Year-In-Review: Changing Harrisburg and Taking on the Status Quo SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

  • House sells for $400,000 more than the suburban median

    first_img <<>> “It was highly sought after and there was no criticism with the layout but for a lot of people it was out of their price range,” Ms Coutts said.The 20-year-old architect-designed house had three living areas and a pool house.More from newsFor under $10m you can buy a luxurious home with a two-lane bowling alley5 Apr 2017Military and railway history come together on bush block24 Apr 2019The view from the house toward the pool house.CoreLogic property analysis showed the 796sq m property had previously been sold in 2015 for $932,500.Ms Coutts said VIP events for houses were well attended but the unit and townhouse market was ‘fairly quiet’.“We had four properties that went under contract over the weekend, it’s still good,” she said.“We are certainly expecting an influx of new properties coming on to the market in January and February.”The median house price in McDowall is $680,250, an increase of 5.5 per cent in 12 months while unit prices have gone up 0.7 per cent, CoreLogic data shows. The house at 14 Harlow Place, McDowall, that sold for $1.08mTHE teenagers are moving out of 14 Harlow Place, McDowall and a young family is moving in after the property sold for $1.08 million.Madeleine Hicks Real Estate agent Allie Coutts sold the five bedroom two storey house in 39 days.center_img SEE WHAT IS FOR SALE IN MCDOWALL THIS WEEKlast_img read more