Beijing Jingdong internet financial innovation space nternet plus experience center

everything is difficult at the beginning, start-up companies often need to wait for a long time to get the first income, which is suffering and insufficient to pay for the humane. The role of entrepreneurial platform at this time to highlight, Beijing set up a new Internet plus experience center, help enterprises successfully obtained the first pot of gold.

in the experience center, "what is the most difficult venture? Is the first pot of gold." Municipal Science and Technology Commission member Liu Hui said, "Internet plus" platform, can help business enterprise faster and more smoothly won the first pot of gold." In the experience center to start the ceremony, Jingdong, Internet Beijing Productivity Promotion Center and Beijing multi-creation space alliance three party representative signed a framework agreement reached to promote Beijing multi-creation space Internet plus solutions.

2015, City Commission has identified the record off the headquarters, SUNAC space 65 "Beijing city public record space". Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the relevant responsible person said, the future will rely on the network service node of Beijing multi-creation space alliance of radiation promotion, for the Beijing culture of small and micro enterprises across the barriers of growth, to provide solid support to enhance the core competitiveness, and has a positive effect on the shuangchuang work.

multi-creation space variety, or resources, or leading technology, enterprise should choose to own future plan for the goal, appropriate choice of their own is the best.

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