Building materials stores should focus on improving customer shopping experience

want to successfully open the building materials stores, we should focus on customer experience, to provide customers with good service, in order to retain customers. Building materials stores how to enhance the customer’s shopping experience? What skills do you have? Xiaobian today for everyone to sort out some of the relevant skills.

to your decoration materials stores consumers not only pay attention to your products, also begin to pay close attention to product sales price, believe that consumers want to value for money, visible product pricing is the operator must take seriously the details of exactly what kind of price positioning can quickly win consumer recognition.

decorative building materials products in the end to pricing is appropriate, the franchisee must know how to determine decorative building materials product sales price, the cost plus pricing method, the cost plus pricing according to the percentage of the target rate of return pricing every franchisee of decorative building materials. That is to set a target rate of return, as the price of the standard, according to the target rate of return to calculate the target profit margin.

and decorative building materials franchisee to compete for the pricing strategy because of the cost as the starting point, do not consider the views of consumers, this strategy is often temporary or on a special occasion. This method is the need for decorative building materials suppliers to further study the market, full analysis of competitors, otherwise, it is likely to set unreasonable prices.


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