Dongguan innovation and entrepreneurship leading talent declaration officially started

in either a market, will have a leader related, and under the current national entrepreneurial environment, if you can become a leader in the business market, but also can get more rewards, nature is sought after by many people. The Dongguan related innovation and entrepreneurship leading talent declaration work officially started, which will attract more entrepreneurs.

if you have the invention patent or independent intellectual property rights of innovation, scientific research and technology at home and abroad, the industry leader, then quickly declare innovative entrepreneurial talent!

reporter learned yesterday from the Municipal Human Resources Bureau, Dongguan, the introduction of the Sixth Batch of innovation and entrepreneurship at home and abroad to lead the talent, reporting work has now begun. Has been supported by the project leader entrepreneurial talent, have the opportunity to enjoy the highest 3 million yuan venture award.


on the 24 of next month before

City Human Resources Bureau official website announcement, innovative and pioneering talents should have declared invention patent or proprietary intellectual property rights innovation, scientific and technical level should be in the leading position in the industry at home and abroad, has the capability of converting obvious continuous innovation or innovation, master degree, senior positions have fugaoyishang title or multinational companies qualifications and experience, under the age of 60.

the leader in innovative talent to sign a contract of intent with the employer, the introduction within 6 months after the signing of a formal contract and duty; as to have signed a formal contract, the filing date of the two anniversary. After the introduction of the Dongguan continuous working time more than 5 years, from the country (territory) the introduction of the year working in Dongguan time accumulated more than 6 months.

led the successful experience in the entrepreneurial talents should have their own businesses or business cooperation at home and abroad, has presided over the development of successful implementation of the industrialization of experience; or former top domestic and foreign well-known universities, enterprises and research institutions in the office, have strong management capabilities.

meet the conditions of the declaration and declare the unit log on "Dongguan professional talent service system", or by the Dongguan city human resources information network link into the system, respectively, the unit registered personal account. It should be noted that the reporting period to the end of June 24th.


can start funding support

determine the project funded innovative entrepreneurial leadership talent, after signing the relevant agreement can enjoy funding and support. Dongguan City, the introduction of innovative leading talent, access to 1 million yuan of funds to start innovation support. The relevant departments in the leading talent and the employer signed is recommended

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