What are the principles of cold drink shop


said to a shop name, and not too many restrictions, it is important to master the relevant methods, the name can be very simple. However, if you want to have a proper name, also need to abide by the relevant principles. So, what are the principles of cold drink shop?

a cold drink shop name should avoid similar

as a result of the industry, many of the shop owner’s own cultural level is limited, so creating a lot of followers, not only in the business to follow suit, in the name of the shop is also more imitation of others, there is no innovation. So the name of the shop must have their own unique personality and connotation in it, in order to effectively attract the attention of customers.

two, cold drink shop name should be easy to understand

cold stores are facing the general community residents, pedestrians and other mass consumer groups, so named as easy to understand, don’t quibble. If you let a lot of customers do not recognize the name of your shop, will affect your reputation spread among consumers, for other potential customer groups failed to achieve effective publicity. In addition, although the name of the shop is popular, but not too vulgar.

three, cold drink shop name should be rich cultural connotation

cold drink shop name must have rich, profound cultural connotation, so as to reflect the level of the quality of the shop owner, the customer is also easy to accept. The name must not be too vulgar, in take names must be considered from many aspects and angles.

four, cold drink shop should be worthy of the name

The name

is to be worthy of the name store and match your business strength, now a lot of the boss in the shop name a little too domineering, and even some exaggeration, such as "XX," the first shop "XX authentic shop" like a lot, let the customer feel a little more than the name.

five, cold store name should be catchy

Named after the

shop must be loud, catchy, easy to remember, easy to spread like this, to do this, not only to pay attention to the language charm and smooth, but also to seize the psychological needs and spiritual needs of consumers, who can resonate with customers psychological name, customers are generally easy to remember, and also can be spread. Especially some of the more humorous, with profound connotation. On the contrary, make people feel uncomfortable and name is feeble.

six, cold drink shop should highlight the characteristics of the industry

cold drink shop is generally a small store, the name of the small store can not be vague, the name of the store must be combined with the name of your business services and projects

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