The new trend of quitting smoking will bring huge business opportunities

smoking is harmful to the body as we all know, but smokers are still widespread why? One is that they they think smoking is a way to alleviate fatigue, another reason is that smoking not quit. With the development of the times, the voice of smoking cessation will be more and more, a variety of smoking cessation establishments and institutions will be more and more, a long-term investment to the opportunity you caught it?

10 to 15 years, Chinese will become the world’s largest market, to quit smoking cessation clinics, smoking cessation drugs, peripheral products and other related services. Smoking cessation will also grow into a huge segment of Hongkong’s burgeoning medical tourism industry. Hongkong medical tourism has begun to focus on serving the mainland guests. You might think the idea of whimsical, but in before the conclusion, we may wish to consider the reality of the situation.

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