Malaysia bird’s nest ten brands list

said the bird’s nest products, the product of Malaysia absolutely can be said to be a leader in this industry, so that the local born bird’s nest brand very much. So, Malaysia bird’s nest which brand is good? Below, let Xiaobian to secret Malaysia bird’s nest ten brands list, so you can in this industry Malaysia brand have more understanding.

ten Malaysia bird’s nest brand ranking NO.1, a pure Yan:

Malaysia Co. Ltd., referred to as "a pure Yan Yan style", is a joint venture by several senior experts in Malaysia bird’s nest, and in 2009 officially registered in Malaysia’s manufacturers. The company in the production of pure natural nest concept for the company, through the form of direct manufacturers to provide consumers without chemical treatment and without adding the pure bird’s nest. A pure Yan one-stop operation, all products are R & D, production and sales of internal. Raw materials are mainly from the company in Malaysia, Sarawak and Yan Yan base and environmental protection organic Yan house. A pure Yan in retail, sales targets are habits of women in edible bird’s nest.

ten Malaysia bird’s nest brand rankings, Jin Pinyan NO.2:

Jin Pinyan (Malaysia) Co., Ltd. is a collection of bird’s nest harvesting, cleaning, sales as one of the bird’s nest franchise business. Anshun in Malaysia, the Bundesliga, Sekinchan has the bird’s nest harvest base. Sheng Yi Yang (Shanghai) Trade Co. Ltd. is Jin Pinyan (Malaysia) China, only a wholly owned subsidiary of limited company. The main business is China market oriented professional wholesale and retail products pure Malaysia bird’s nest. Jin Pinyan (Malaysia) Co., Ltd. in 2005 began to nest industry in Malaysia, in 2009 won the Asia Pacific Enterprise Brand 2009/2010 TOP25 excellent bird’s nest, won the gold Pinyan " in the same year China; registered trademark, and the establishment of Yi Yang born in 2010 (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., and then opened into the bird’s nest Chinese chain industry prelude.

ten Malaysia bird’s nest brand rankings:

NO.3, king of the bird’s nest

Shenzhen Xi Xi Fa Trading Co., Ltd. is a company in Malaysia, China Agricultural Science and Technology Development Corporation in 2007, was formally established in Shenzhen. Under the banner of the brand – "bird’s nest", is the Malaysia bird’s nest hall brand, by the Malaysia Fu Xi issued agricultural science and technology group and Shenzhen Fu Xi Trading Co operation. Shenzhen Fu Xi Trading Co. Ltd. is the first batch of China nest import license franchise businesses, all have been in the bird’s nest and Malaysia government three inspection and quarantine, strict control of each piece of bird’s nest quality and price. Fu Xi group is a manufacturer for wholesalers, for ordinary customers is the terminal, bird’s nest business gifts business is Fu Xi group market strengths.

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