Low profit era 11 double electricity supplier suffered an embarrassing situation

double 11 is known as the electricity supplier industry carnival, but not all of the Taobao owners are welcome. In China Taobao village, there are a lot of Taobao shop owner is very distressed, 11 times the profit era of their sales and no help.

online shopping carnival season

"Taobao village

" why so embarrassing?

11 4, "double 11" countdown in a week, a "Chinese Taobao village" title of Zhengding Bei Jia Cun is very calm, selling furniture Taobao owners still follow the prescribed order, not only did not meet the online shopping Carnival caper, some shopkeepers talk about "double 11" and even some rejection.

"" double 11 "the first half of the month, the order basically stalled, people are waiting for the" double 11 "sales order again. However, if to participate in promotional activities, is the meager profits there is no price space, otherwise only peibenzhuanyaohe." The village of Taobao owner Zhou Jian said with a wry smile, "double 11", "double 12" fully stimulate people focus after consumption, businesses need to get more than two months of sales season.

The surge in the number of

11 4, the reporter visited a number of villages in the village of Taobao shop owner, in the face of the media, they are more evasive. After the beginning of the media coverage of our Taobao village, a year around peers more than two times." A bit earlier in the Taobao business owner Wang Yanguang said, "Taobao" brand started, the number of families in the village in the furniture business boom, now at least more than and 120 households, some of the nearby villages also began vigorously furniture industry.

because the shop furniture style is more similar, most of them gathered in the baking cabinet tipping, swing and other styles, too many similar products, lower prices between peers, more low profit. Taobao owner Zhou Jian said, the first half of the year to sell a shoe and profit of forty or fifty yuan, now only 20 yuan of profits, plus logistics, packaging and other costs, the profits of the products There is not much left.

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