To open a noodle shop how much profit for you

many of my friends think I open a noodle shop, then, how much profit is to open a noodle shop? How to estimate the investment cost? To open a noodle shop promising? For these problems, Xiao Bian now for you to answer one by one.

How much is a noodle shop

A, material cost:

1, noodle cost: 200X1. 5 yuan / kg =300 yuan

2, the main cost: 30 kg X13 yuan / kg =390 yuan

3, the cost of seasoning containing daily necessaries about 20 yuan

two, daily sales:

2 two X3 / two X1000=6000 yuan

three, gross profit:

6000 – 710=5920

four, monthly gross profit:


five, salary:


six, store rent:

in Chengdu near the hospital, near the school, about 80 square meters, an average of about 4500 to 5000, with a high calculation: 5000

seven, fuel expenditure:

500 yuan

eight, other expenses (contain property cost, water charges, TV fees etc.)

How much is a noodle shop


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