How to take the ferry spicy hot pot

coffee drinks have joined the famous Cafe Latte project, a famous Canadian crossing spicy spicy hot pot pot sits on the brand in the field now. So for those who want to invest in spicy hot pot catering people want to know this brand? If you want, just follow the small series to see it.

Beijing Yongcheng Hengxing Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2009, provides a green and healthy drinks and delicacy of equipment, technology and other services. Beijing Yongcheng Hengxing Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an integrated food and beverage equipment, research and development, manufacturing, production, sales, food research and technology development, food and beverage items franchise, catering consulting and planning services for the development of enterprises, business customers across the country and city and foreign users.

Take the ferry

spicy hot pot is what the


brings together a number of well-known cooking, food and beverage management, marketing planning experts more than 30. Hired 7 cooking masters to develop technology development. Since its establishment 6 years ago, it has been devoted to the innovation and promotion of Chinese and Western food technology and traditional snacks.

Take the ferry

spicy hot pot procedure:

1, join consulting

telephone inquiries, visit consultation.

2, project investigation

to visit the headquarters of the project, to understand the headquarters, project introduction, free brand, query Q & A.

3, contract signed

contract negotiation and signing.

4, procedures for

to join procedures, payment of technical training and equipment costs.

5, technical training

a variety of technical training.

6, equipment to receive

receive authorization and a variety of information, core equipment.

7, planning business

ready for business, trial operation.


crossing spicy pot joining conditions:

1. intends to invest in entrepreneurial experience;

2. good area network and market cognition;

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