How to master the skills of public speaking

life, the activities of things, speak in public, it is necessary to speak in public, is that we often encounter, then, how to learn to speak in public, good words, speak? May wish to learn!


marketing genius Shi Yuzhu, said: "who consume my product, I would like to study him through. One day without studying, I have a hard day."

Four difficult

Four key points:

Chukouchengzhang a person must have three kinds: one is the first to write training after that. The first shot into chapter to chukouchengzhang. Two is to recite classics. Usually recite poetry writing, the days and months multiplying into their own language. Three is repeated practice. A content many times, by heart, natural eloquence.

speech: Avenue view should be concise. Lao Tzu said: "road to jane". The speech should be simple.


learn to speak in public will help us to enhance their image, help us to better walk the business, expand visibility, expand communication and so on, has many advantages, there are many benefits!

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