Three initiatives to develop new energy vehicles in Fujian

with the rapid development of economy, people’s consumption level has been gradually improved, in the life of a lot of families or individuals have their own cars. But when the car is running, the consumption of natural resources is also a matter of concern to us. It will not only waste a great deal of natural resources, but also cause great damage to the environment. In view of such a situation, the development of new energy vehicles is imperative. So, the development of new energy vehicles in Fujian, the three initiatives?

7 journalists from the Fujian Provincial Committee was informed by letter, "13th Five-Year" during the period of the province will start from the core of the new energy vehicle technology research and development three aspects, accelerate the development of new energy vehicles.

of Fujian province will strengthen the research and development of new energy automotive core technology, new energy intensive large and medium-sized passenger car and battery industry advantages, enhance the new energy vehicle integration matching ability, enhance the key components of the technical level, boosting the province’s automobile industry to achieve corner overtaking". At the same time, accelerate the development and production of new energy cars, logistics vehicles, SUV vehicle products, battery, motor, electric control, and a number of key components of the product, to carry out basic research of new materials, new technology, new system, new structure, and reserve fuel cell and a new generation of power battery technology.

In addition

, "13th Five-Year" period Fujian will speed up the implementation of the cloud with an annual output of 80 thousand units of pure electric passenger car project, Lotus Cars new energy SUV production and R & D center project, Saab new energy automobile joint venture projects and a number of leading projects.

through the above information reports we can see that in the road of economic development, Fujian Province, according to the current development situation, facing the development dilemma, and take effective measures to control. Fujian three initiatives to the development of new energy vehicles including: new energy research and development, strengthen the new energy automotive core technology of large and medium-sized passenger car and battery industry advantage, strong new energy vehicle integration, the ability to achieve the new energy vehicles developed quickly and effectively.

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