The product is good but not because of the lack of good word of mouth marketing

many businesses are wondering, obviously their own product quality is good, the price is not high, why not sell it? Because many businesses are ignoring the brand marketing power, if the brand reputation is good, so hot is not a problem.

the traditional catering enterprises around a lot of friends, with the so-called "Internet restaurant" most of them are for those overnight enterprise dissatisfaction. Look at those who are no vitality, it can perform on the appearance, talk, do these decades of catering enterprises boss heart filled with envy.

however, do not appreciate the attitude of the author, marketing itself is odd. "It" is to lay a solid foundation, "Qi" is a successful method, just do not understand is odd, only deadlocked confrontation, will not strike the enemy. The traditional restaurant, due to years of products and operations of the precipitation, mostly there are more than Erqi deficiency. Hard to watch their so many years of accumulated experience and advantages to play, no wonder they were dissatisfied with the prodding of the Internet people harbor restaurant.

however, mouth guns are acts of nature, how its essence?

figth, bad place to think, is bragging, a good place to think, is to do word-of-mouth marketing.

bragging and word-of-mouth marketing, what is the relationship?

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