Wang Shengjiang strong optimistic about China’s innovation and Entrepreneurship

China innovation of the "golden age" not only bring China entrepreneurs more and better welfare, a better business environment, but also attracted the attention of overseas entrepreneurs, many enterprises are actively expanding the market China.

3 10, the United States share office leader WeWork to obtain a new $430 million round of financing, the latest valuation of about $16 billion, it is worth noting that the financing by Chinese Hony capital and its parent company, Lenovo holdings lead investor, WeWork also announced a high-profile expanding Asian market plan, and will enter the Chinese joint office market.

WeWork into China, in the end what does it mean that China joint office, the creation of space and business incubator and where to go from here?


WeWork has been profitable, but some analysts believe that the financial level is not enough to support its valuation, implying that the high valuation of the company bubble. Wang Shengjiang said this, want to drink beer flavor, keep beer foam, beer bubble but are still valuable, very good, so just because the WeWork valuation as the denial of the model.



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