The four generation of the 158 Lei Feng group gathered to serve more passengers

in the NanJing Railway Station, people can see the 158 Lei Feng service team, people have what problem, can consult them, let more people feel the spirit of Lei Feng be handed down from age to age. NanJing Railway Station daily train more than and 300 pairs, 158 Lei Feng service station serves many every day. The Spring Festival sixth days, Lei Feng retired "158" service station of the first and the second generation leader once again came to the NanJing Railway Station, together with the fourth generation of the staff, with the spirit of Lei Feng in the New Year Spring Festival travel service.

9 06 to one, to the platform, platform attendants with (158) contact, put my luggage here, I can also walk on crutches, he said if I used a wheelchair to take you, I said, can you help me to take the luggage I indebted forever. It feels like home here, "

The story of

for 50 years, have occurred many times every day, from the beginning of the first generation of spiritual leader Li Huijuan Lei Feng, continues today. Li Huijuan has been retired for almost 20 years, she can look at the annual Spring Festival will arrive in a look:

"we had the Spring Festival, the passenger baggage, are carrying, carrying, holding, and now we get to the station, the annual Spring Festival we have to look at the changes are small wheel vehicles such a push, also the hands of others with computer, tickets are tickets online, which brings great for the convenience of passengers."


back to the station, Li Huijuan also took the year service of the Allegro, passengers sing a. Li Huijuan said that the railway safety is very important, their safety knowledge into fast writing every day, then in the waiting room for passengers to a.

safe Allegretto, passengers Hello, listen to me to ride safety knowledge to introduce people to engage in railway safety, made many safety knowledge."

"158" veteran Shi Fengying is Li Huijuan’s successor, has been retired for four years she still insisted every day to work, "158" retired. Huang Jili Shi Fengying is a retired master apprentice up, both teacher and student have respectively third and fourth generation of leader.

In fact, 158

Lei Feng group, has a special significance of the 158, is to help me. Its appearance, not only the convenience of the majority of passengers, but now the 158 is still full of vitality and sense of responsibility, more and more people put this nearly 50 years of love relay relay.

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