The female judges after the shooting deaths of outstanding work ability


is not only a high paying job, but also a high-risk job. Recently, a woman judge was shot and killed, the beautiful female judges work outstanding for many meritorious, criminals must be severely punished, set up the law enforcement authority, the justice.

26 evening at 21:30 PM, Beijing City, Changping District Huilongguan people’s court court judge Ma Caiyun and her husband Li Fusheng (the bailiff) by two gunmen shot at home downstairs, two gun Ma Caiyun, after she died, Li Fusheng suffered minor injuries.

it is reported that Li Dashan is one of the gangsters together after the divorce property disputes involving the plaintiff Ma Caiyun. After the attack, the two gunmen fled the scene, fled to the Yanqing district were killed Dutch act.

the bullet hit his belt, causing minor injuries. About 22:15, Ma Caiyun was rushed to the hospital, after the rescue invalid, died, only 38 years old.



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