Comfortable shopping environment to make the store more attractive to customers

customers are now more selective shopping, the same goods, the same price, people will naturally choose a more comfortable shopping environment. My shop is located in the county roads. At the beginning of the shop, every winter, his store is cold, very few people to patronize, opposite the supermarket business but people into people, very hot. This let me be not a little bewildered: their tobacco quality is no problem, the price lower than the supermarkets, and good service attitude, why customers but also to the supermarket?

later, my wife told me a little secret: the supermarket has air conditioning, which is very warm. I see light suddenly: the original own store lack of "thermal effect". As a result, immediately bought a hanging air conditioning, and on the glass door affixed to the shop to install air conditioning, welcome to patronize logo. Sure enough, the customer into the store to buy tobacco gradually up, business is not cold.

comments: customers into the store shopping, not only to buy your goods, but also enjoy your quality service. Shop to do business to always think about the customer, they need to know what kind of goods, what kind of service. As long as the customer satisfaction is happy, why not sell goods?

so, in the current market, above, if you want to get the customer’s recognition, naturally also need to consider a lot of customers. Recommended conditional retail households, it is necessary to install air conditioning or heating facilities in the business premises, so that customers can feel the cool in the summer into the shop, in the winter into the store can feel the warmth of spring. With such a close service, will be able to get God point praise.

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