How to join the Ji’nan steamed stuffed bun

in the history and culture of China Rice porridge baozi in though inconspicuous but also with people’s life Chinese has loyal food for thousands of years the trend of the times change constantly, the daily necessities of life has become one of the most loyal partner. Gerrard is our country people the wisdom of the invention has a wide base in our country folk, foreign fast food though, but still can not resist you for such a favorite delicacy, Ji’nan dumplings off porridge traditional culture at the same time, innovation, has become the industry well-known brands, Ji’nan dumplings porridge to join guest house


how to join the Ji’nan steamed stuffed bun

Ji’nan steamed stuffed bun recruitment conditions:

1, love fast food business

2, interested in long-term fast food business

3, the product and culture of the approved headquarters

4, with entrepreneurial passion

Ji’nan steamed stuffed bun house join the process as follows:

1, through the phone and the official website to understand the details of the project

2, headquarters invited to join the field investigation project

3, franchisee to apply for

4, headquarters audit through

5, according to the headquarters of a unified style decoration

6, shop business

if you still have what is not clear or you want to join, please leave a message at the bottom of our website, we will see the message after the first reply to you.

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