How to open the first pet store to make money

many people’s homes have cute pets, small pets can bring much happiness for us, when young, had no brothers or sisters to accompany, many parents to raise a pet, can accompany the child, also can accompany himself. Start a pet shop, I believe it will bring a very good income. But want to make money, in business, there are still many problems to pay attention to. So, how to start a pet shop business to make money.

1, pet trading

pet trading as a pet store the most basic way to profit from the beginning of the civilian population began to diversify and high-end direction. With the continuous improvement of people’s consumption capacity, Pet Shop pets are mostly from all over the world of rare species, which is also related to the market value of pet. Most of the valuable pets from abroad, it is difficult to obtain the average person, so to find a suitable pet channel will be able to retain the objective profit margins.

2, pet foster

people because of work or other reasons can not guarantee the life of the pet care, pets tend to have limited self-care ability, which created a pet market. A pet can be divided into general and special two, conventional foster generally refers to people because of work reasons to keep pets for the day in the morning will foster pet shop, pet to pet stores, pet shop during the need to provide pet food and daily care, again in the evening by the master home, foster way the general characteristics of simplicity, regularity, stability, price is not high, about twenty or thirty yuan, is a relatively stable profit mode.

3, pet supplies

for pet owners, pets like their children, three meals a day is not a natural, as well as a variety of pet toys have emerged. The dog food, for example, from ten dollars to several hundred dollars price, because the dog is different, the number of food needs is not the same. But there is no doubt that pet food is not a small amount of spending, especially some rare pet food is mostly imported food, it is not cheap. Seize the pet owner’s high level of consumption and the pet pet products spoiled psychology, natural profit space is also very secure, pure selling pet products generally can guarantee the profit margins of more than 30%, of course you can also reduce the rate of profit to attract customers, to store consumer driven service.

4, pet training

An important reason for

people with pets is entertainment, they want a pet at home when their masters work, listen to their talk in his time of trouble, when the master boring with his amusing, more time to develop the potential of pet. In order to better recommend

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