Papi sauce announced the acquisition of ten million financing

company to grow and develop to get financing, in the current competition in such a fierce market, Papi sauce announced the acquisition of ten million financing, then, behind this financing and explain what kind of problem?

3 19, the video from the media "Papi sauce" announced $12 million financing, it real fund, the logic of thinking, the source of capital and capital of the United star participated in the investment. March 18th, the new media video platform two more announced the completion of more than 5000 yuan of A round of financing.

2 on Sept. 24, Ma Dong left Iqiyi after the company mewe media, announced the completion of the A round of financing, not a "wonderful meters" also being hit in the third quarter.

the content of entrepreneurs began to break through the winter capital seems to usher in the spring. The idea that this is mainly because of the user’s demand for content in the growth, which is consistent with the trend of consumer upgrades.

"the channel side is relatively mature, WeChat, today’s headlines, there are several large video sites, so investors tend to invest the content of entrepreneurship project." He said that for the channel side, the content is also scarce. March 10th, today’s headlines announced the establishment of 200 million yuan content investment fund, investment in more than 300 new media projects early.

then the parties in the content of investment capital is how to layout the venture valuations rise process, whether there is a bubble? Content entrepreneurs how to ensure the continuity of the content of the production, the feasibility of commercial realization, and what risks should be prevented?


investment opportunities exist

the cornerstone of the capital involved in the media, two meters without more financing, a focus on its internal investment on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said, in the traditional culture and entertainment industry, the film and television production, the theaters have giant, therefore the stone investment will be more recommended

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