To start a business in Yiwu two times more attractive

Zhejiang, Yiwu is a world famous commodity market, almost anything you can buy in Yiwu. In the double era, Yiwu opened a new development path. A two entrepreneurial trend is coming.

to start, to Yiwu

in order to improve the business environment in Yiwu, to provide quality business services to every entrepreneur, Yiwu has introduced a series of supportive policies, including funds, venues and personnel policy three aspects. In order to make policies to support entrepreneurship really benefit the majority of entrepreneurs, the Yiwu Municipal People’s government and Hangzhou fertile Education Technology Co. Ltd. jointly launched the "hit off my" project.

"off the record I type" is to create a full range of business service platform, commitment to nurture and support the national excellent entrepreneur’s mission. And through the outstanding entrepreneurial projects selection, cultivation, incubation, support and capital docking, and ultimately attract a number of outstanding entrepreneurial teams and entrepreneurial projects settled in Yiwu, Yiwu to promote the transformation and upgrading of the city’s economic development, and create a strong atmosphere of entrepreneurship and innovation in the local area, is the platform of righteousness.

Yi Chong space inaugurated

1 18   15 pm, Yiwu City Vice Mayor He Shaojun and the Ministry of education of the national higher education student information and career guidance center employment network jointly opened a "everywhere rectangular Wei Yi Chong space" red hijab, Yi Chong announced officially started operations in space. As a guest of my most exclusive type "project incubation base, located in Yiwu city by Yi Chong Street Space held a grand opening ceremony was started at the same time, Yi Chong lecture series of large-scale business activities to share.

space Yi Chong an area of more than 2500, including Yi Chong (coffee services in business activities and resources docking, and provide supporting catering), Yi Chong incubator (the introduction and cultivation of startups) and Yi Chong (investment fund batch sprouting and start-up project) three function module, a full range of services for entrepreneurs, social growth, incubation, financing demand. The space will be held the annual "hit off my" investment matchmaking, entrepreneurial innovation forum, salon, Yi Chong auditorium and other activities, so that entrepreneurs in the latest business information and investment opportunities. Project organizers are committed to build a space will Yi Chong Yiwu local public record space "to build the benchmark, to further promote the Yiwu" venture capital "of the brand, attract more high-quality entrepreneurial projects recommended

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