Two rich generation to tens of millions of family property hostage mother returned to the company ma

is a rich two generation envy envy hate identity, but there is such a rich two generations, he to tens of millions of family property, caused by mother anger, even at the expense of "hijacking" the mother didn’t let her go. Finally, the mother called the police for help.

According to voice of

27 year old Wang told the police, before the mother is to give him a monthly living expenses, do not participate in the business at home. Suddenly gave him such a big industry, because there is no management experience, and soon he felt very difficult. He repeatedly asked her mother to come back to help her mother just on the phone, let him exercise. Near the end of the year, all sorts of things, let Mr. Wang again find Ms. Chen scorched by the flames, he came back to help with. This time, the mother finally came back.

in the Wang family, Ms. Chen to tell him how to solve the problem, but also to leave. Mr. Wang insisted on not letting go of his mother, said the company is not competent for the management, thus, two people had an argument, and finally Ms. Chen reported to the police. Mr. Wang said he has been unable to withstand the pressure of the management company. After police mediation, Ms. Chen said, she just wanted to let his son know that the business is not easy, let him exercise, did not expect to be so busy, she would temporarily handle all matters for the son of the company, and then go back to the south.

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