How to use auspicious words

is well known, if you want to store a good name, people tend to choose some auspicious words. However, how to use the auspicious word name, but plagued many investors. So, how to use auspicious word name?

according to the auspicious name, such as: thriving and prosperous happy and auspicious, happiness, good fortune, prosperity, happiness and peace, thriving, prosperous, victory, harvest, satisfaction, youth, young and beautiful, they can be separated, such as prosperity shops, auspicious credit cooperatives, Ruyi grocery stores, Ping An insurance company etc..

with auspicious words to the store name, also can take the effect of a single word or collocation combination with each other again like million, nine, Yong, long, strong, long, often hard to achieve long-term, such as Acacia singing hall, wangfa shops, grocery wholesale department, Yongxing Bandung restaurant.

is simple good, one can give customers a sense of comfort, encouragement and hope you can shop business dealings, make a lot of money. Fuzhou, Thailand, De Chang, Andrew, Phoenix, dragon, hair, rich, silver, gold, precious, Feng Qing, etc., is the name of traditional Chinese characters, the class name in the industry to play a very good effect, but should pay attention to not easy to fall into the stereotypes.

although small series of the content described above is not enough, but enough to make a lot of people realize that the use of auspicious word naming method. So, if you are now ready to use auspicious words to their shops a good name, do you know how to do it?

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