Need to do a good job to open the hot pot decoration

open hot pot restaurant need to pay attention to what decoration problem? A shop decoration design affects the consumer experience, if reasonable, will allow consumers to get more enjoyable enjoyment from the visual aspects. If you want to do a good job in investment management, then you can take a look at the relevant precautions.

1, the hall area according to the market positioning of the whole treasure Hot pot, the hall area of 200 square meters, more than 20 tables in the table.

2, the style of the decoration is full of treasure Hot pot low levels of consumption, the average per capita consumption in 30 yuan, diners belonging to low income stratum, hall decoration not too luxurious, generous to the overall, it should be based on the unified decoration style, style of Ming Dynasty, the environment of middle grade principle, create a warm and simple dining environment as the goal. The ground part of the anti-skid floor tiles Collage; ceiling part paper fireproof gypsum board, ceiling molding, edge part of the two level hidden temperature reflecting light source, hall adopts ceiling and a small chandelier, scraping the surface paste; dado part adopts ordinary water qu Banju amine ester and transparent paint. This is a room layout save the cost, two is easy to clean, will not lose Hot pot consumption grades. In order to embellish and reflect the local food culture, you can hang beautiful, generous, reflecting the whole life of the people of interest in the landscape, characters, in order to enhance the cultural atmosphere. The size of the hall can be set to the performance area, active dining climate, in accordance with the specific decorative style of the whole treasure Juyi food culture Co. decoration scheme.

3, restaurant furniture and layout (according to the standard company (1), table table, table, table three points round table, round table diameter is 120cm or 140cm, the number of dining table for about ten people; 80cm× 120cm, 2-4 for people dining table; 110cm× 110cm, 6-8 for dinner. Round and square table for the middle place, suitable for table against the wall, window, can make full use of the area. The number of the table should be carried out according to the structure of the hall for collocation. (2, Taiwan (meal preparation cabinet) fall Taiwan is a cabinet and is stored in the cabinet table, tableware, counter for loading and unloading under Taiwan food, drinks and other items on the counter. Commonly used specifications: 80cm long, 50cm wide, height of 70cm. The proportion of the number of the table and the table is generally: 1:2-1:4, the specific number and placement according to the layout of the table layout. (3, dining restaurant chairs to the overall style and restaurant coordination, general requirements for good wooden chairs. Other configuration settings in the hall can be seen in the store equipment configuration table.

4, a restaurant, Restaurant Channel 1 line arrangement (1), guest: guest line to line from the door to the seat between the channel smoothly for the basic requirements, generally uses the straight line as well as any with many twists and turns. In the area set up the table, you can store tableware, but also help service staff to shorten the walking route. (2), the waiter in the restaurant waiter recommended line

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