Yang Xiaoye Hu spicy soup fee

we all know that in the food and beverage market, the food is generally recognized by consumers, is always a choice of business opportunities. How about Yang Xiaoye’s spicy soup? Excellent quality, first-class quality. There is no doubt that there is a very choice of business opportunities! So, Yang Xiaoye Hu spicy soup is how much?

Yang Hu Hu Hu soup?

after years of research and development, unique taste of Yang Xiaoye Hu Soup for northerners taste, spicy, fragrant smell of the Tang Xiang conquest of the diners taste buds, the market has become widely sought after delicacy. Yang Xiaoye Hu soup in addition to boil soup, has set up 8 Hu hot soup production plant, developed by Hu La soup full flavor powder, water flushing, Hu Hu Soup for soup 6 series of more than and 80 varieties, annual production capacity of up to 2 million 600 thousand boxes. Food to join, Yang Xiaoye Hu spicy soup to join the number of as long as 10000 yuan can easily start.

Yang Hu Hu soup has been put in the province’s major supermarket counters, in some provinces and cities in the North has gradually opened up the market, the market potential. This soup is convenient, safe and sanitary, is the ideal Jiapin gifts to friends and relatives. Their products have high quality brand-name products, Yang Xiaoye Hu soup has become the Hu soup soup and seasoning products production base.

Xiaoye Yang Hu soup headquarters, with its unique business philosophy and corporate culture, continuous improvement, to strengthen the quality and orderly development, hengyuan. Yang Xiaoye Hu soup to operate with the national characteristics of Hu soup, to taste authentic, authentic, and blending, preparing technology, the honor is high security in the catering industry competition Qunsheng Hu Latang. Accurate grasp of the rules of the food market, improve the operating system, the operation mode of the brand, you can ensure that franchisees can easily succeed in business.

Yang Hu Hu soup to join, less cost, high profit, you can quickly return to ben. This is the advantage, very attractive to consumers. If, you also want to open a shop of their own brands, choose to join the Yang Hu soup!

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