The beginning of the school season gradually warming economy

a long summer vacation, not only let the children have a very relaxing vacation, for the major stationery shop, is also a business in the off-season, many schools around the shop is also put up during the summer vacation. While watching the arrival of the school season, so the school economy began to heat up!

left school a few days now, the reporter visited the city several large supermarkets, stationery stores, bookstores and digital store to see the goods shelves full to the brim, a superb collection of beautiful things are busy preparing for the students, many school activities necessary for the advent of a new semester, businesses are also taking advantage of the occasion of the opening resorted to share this big cake". At the same time, the online store is also the name of the school promotion banner to carry out a variety of activities, the school economy heat up.

however, the students busy awfully, businesses have earned ear on the occasion, many parents were straight up the family worried. Now is not the "two a pencil box, 51 Fen pen" to school age, school students must have the luxury stationery supplies rose to expensive electronic digital products. Parents Ms. Lee told reporters, "children should be on the first day, buy school supplies and supplementary books will spend several hundred dollars; the children also want to buy an electronic dictionary, but also more than one thousand yuan."

, however, if compared with the prospective college students, primary school students, high school spending is not high. Bid farewell to the three years before the suppression of life, is about to enter the university hall, many people are required to have a new equipment to a new look into the ivory tower". The reporter interviewed some of the prospective college students learned that their essential items include: backpacks, luggage, clothing, daily necessities, notebook computer, mobile phone, buy these items need to spend thousands of dollars or even million. Mr. Wang said the parents, the children admitted to the University of the favorite, the whole family are very happy, usually try to meet their requirements.

it is because China attach great importance to the education, education will let the market Chinese continue to usher in a better development, will open when the arrival of the quarter, the economy will become such a popular school. In short, with the development of the times, to meet the needs of people, the economy will become more worthy of choice of an economy.

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