Xinjiang how to increase the income of farmers and the development of flower industry

although since the reform and opening up, China’s many cities have made great economic development, but still faces a series of problems. In recent years, Xinjiang Jimsar county increasing agricultural infrastructure construction efforts, using the resources advantages to develop facilities richly endowed by nature, the flower industry, driven by more and more farmers to achieve rich, let more people walk on a well-off road, this is a very worthwhile thing.


is now winter, but a flower shed into Jimsar County town villagers Ma Yuzhou home is anotherstory, bougainvillea, fuchsia flowers are brilliant, brilliant purples and reds, ginseng fruit and mango also covered with branches, to add a lot of color in this season.

Ma Yu family was busy Monday for the new to strawberry seedling banking, he told reporters: "our studio education is now the main edible oil rose, rose, there are a variety of scented roses, passionfruit, ginseng fruit, new varieties of mulberry. We have recently prepared lifter, after the Spring Festival all the cup, in front of the two studio, when in June 5, outside the landscaping, we sell large quantities."

Ma on Monday from home in 2007 began to try to grow flowers, relying on the family’s hard work and government policy, financial support, has now developed into 3 greenhouses. Planting roses, fresh cut roses, roses and other flowers not only oil to meet the needs of Changji, three counties in the East market, but also sold to Urumqi and other prefectures in xinjiang. The annual Spring Festival, in the new roses and carnations are the most popular, often in short supply. Flower sales from the past door-to-door, development to the present, the acquisition of a direct visit to the flower base for home acquisition.

Ma Yuzhou said: "last year, we kind of edible rose pin is particularly good, even with the wholesale seedlings seedlings, go especially well. Another is the other of the two flower flower begonia, add, remove the expenses on the net, artificial greenhouse, down 17, 80 thousand."

how to increase the income of farmers in Xinjiang? Through the above reports we can see that the relevant units to promote the development of the people’s flower industry. Since 2011, Jimsar County, through the active efforts of the "Waiyinneilian" approach, to actively support the development of farmers planting flowers in greenhouse, the town formed a prosperous yuan based greenhouse planting cooperatives flower base, the model of "company + cooperative + base + farmers", to revitalize the local agricultural facilities, and realize the transformation of vegetable to facility flower industry, effectively increase the economic benefits, and to increase farmers’ income.

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