Sri Lanka is no longer difficult to start a woman

women, should have their own life, in this journey, need to have their own scenery. However, Sri Lanka is a typical male dominated society, women entrepreneurs are very rare, even as heterogeneous.

Nimali  Gunawardana is a 25 year old woman in Sri Lanka, dainty and cute, looks fragile, but her heart is very strong.

Gunawardana coconut palm and coconut shell processing company was founded a year ago, and now can process 15000 coconut per day.

Gunawardana’s first job in society was to do a sewing machine in a garment factory. She said: "I am anxious to make money for my family, so I went to the garment factory to do the sewing, but do not like the job. Always beside you at the overseer, make people very uncomfortable, I don’t want to work for others. During my hard work, I was struggling to save money. I knew I had to save some money before I could run my own business."

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