Successful operation of the franchise shop location

is now in the domestic Home Furnishing industry, lighting and lighting products is a very important element, and lighting products shop is very popular in the market, in the actual operation of shop, want to get a good development, we need to find a good place to open a lighting shop.

join Guan Jian cheats the site lighting. Home Furnishing lighting market is very large, the market potential, investment Home Furnishing lighting need to find the proper technique, the owner should innovate in shop mode, indoor lighting industry investment shop how to get a good income, most want to know the franchisee.

According to the characteristics of

or choose some can live in the large area of the newly built, this type of store cost is relatively low, lighting stores location targeted, can be placed "stop" should be timely with the tenants home decoration with light volume, consumption potential, this is the so-called "inside the land".

in indoor lighting stores early, the location of work is very important, a good market survey looks around large. In the formal operation of indoor lighting franchise, must find a good location.

In fact, for many


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