Why join the highly acclaimed Sirui 1000 meter

line in the Chinese snack industry is a very powerful snack brand, is a small food and beverage industry in the big. Catering to join the project selection noodle also join many investors in this small series of choice, we recommend a noodle well-known brand – "thousand Sirui" vermicelli. The "thousand Sirui" brand vermicelli belonging to a large Chinese fast-food chain enterprises – Ji’nan Giant Department of food. Thousands of Sirui to traditional bridge noodle primarily, together with the modern fast food delicacy sale, to create a leading fast food chain brand vermicelli.

1000 Sirui using standardized production, no chef, no smoke, can make beautiful tasty show, has become the fast food industry "join darling", created the store popular success.

1000 Sirui joined the highly acclaimed noodle why?

tip one: popular for centuries, millions of gold and silver

vitality: a hundred years of history, has a strong vitality

popularity:: rise in the folk, spread in the folk, won the public love.

uniqueness: the rich national customs of Yunnan, give people a kind of enjoyment.

secret two, secret recipe, people want to eat


features: 1000 Sirui vermicelli bridge noodle taste with hemp, spicy, fresh and fragrant. Health, nutrition, good taste, won the majority of consumer recognition.

sweet: sweet without you, warm milk

acid: acid instead of cool, refreshing eating

fresh: fresh and not thick, authentic

: salty and salty unabated, Maotai rich

light: light but not thin, fragrant vegetable Qi

: well not strong, spicy but not dry


three, Sirui thousand secret vermicelli, four reasons to required:

1, avoid the use of the brand! Free of design and construction fees! Free market margin!

2, general catering profits are not less than 50%, thousands of Sirui profits generally between 50%-65% bridge.

3, a thousand Sirui contract is valid for three years. Activities during the period after the expiration of the contract signing, renew not collect other fees, active period after the signing of the contract, to pay management fees each year.

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