What are the breakfast shop location techniques

operating breakfast shop need to pay attention to what problems? The shop to make money, to master some techniques such as unalterable principles, make your way to wealth more smoothly. If you do not know the location of the breakfast shop is very clear so you can see a lot of other people’s successful experience, I hope you can provide a reference.

1, traffic critical

if you just open the store in at the station next to it very well, everyone in the car, may be the nearest buy breakfast in your shop; or I have a car, at a bus station adjacent to buy, anyway, at the station set up the breakfast shop, trust and other aspects of business more than very good.

2, community residence

in Residence District, mostly the same neighborhood, and can know the guests, and guests can establish good feelings, therefore, open breakfast in the residence area, would simply be cooked guests, in this way, fixed source is also very simple to set up.

3, mall geo


and peripheral tissue

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