The teaching and research base of new community management and service innovation

6 3, the provincial Party school, the Provincial Institute of administration, the Provincial Institute of socialism, the new community management and service innovation teaching and research practice base listing ceremony held in the east of the city of Huzhu Tu Autonomous County, held high.

last year, Gao Zhai Zhen for farmers into the city after the identity for the community residents, production and lifestyle changes to the great practice, management system, the functions of the government, the focus of the work, public service supply mode for a large amount of adjustment, explored owe new community governance mode of urbanization in developed regions, have the experience for reference.

new community governance is a realistic problem that needs to be studied urgently. After the completion of the teaching and research base, will carry out extensive training of leading cadres of the party, provincial Party school take part of the frequency field teaching task; cooperation study, around the Qinghai eastern city construction group and the province’s community governance, research the forward-looking and feasibility of organizational strength to carry out; carry out the decision-making consultation and cooperation, jointly undertake consultation subject by the provincial government and the relevant departments; carry out on-the-spot investigation and testing and training of teachers.


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