Six focus on the interpretation of the interpretation of people’s livelihood

To the province, the two sessions, and to harvest and inventory time.

on behalf of: Dan Yeshe

[survey] disabled as vulnerable groups, due to their physical defects, there are many limitations and difficulties in daily life, employment, not like a normal person to create wealth, so people are more than 90% poor population. Currently, the current policy for the three or four disabled without any preferential policies, can not enjoy the government’s subsidies. 106 thousand people with disabilities in Haidong city actual accreditation only nearly 50 thousand people, 22 thousand people in the disabled as of the end of 2014 to enjoy a severe disability living allowance, the remaining 28 thousand documented three or four people with disabilities do not enjoy any living subsidies such as preferential policies, and most disabled people simply do not apply for a disability certificate.

[] proposed provincial government in combination with the status, the introduction of the three or four level with corresponding subsidy policy, the introduction of three or four people with disabilities 50 yuan per month living allowance policy in disabled people enjoy the superiority on the policy.Answer:

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