Xining 72 million 750 thousand yuan geological disaster prevention

for the effective prevention and control of geological disasters, reduce losses caused by geological disasters, in recent years, Xining city for the Ministry of land and resources in a large country of geological disaster prevention funds 72 million 750 thousand yuan, has completed the Xining Beishan Linjiaya landslide, Xining Beishan Fangzi landslide engineering.

it is understood that, at present, these funds have been used in the Xining City East Temple groove landslide, Nanchuan road landslide, debris flow and other fire ditch treatment project, the project approval reflects the state of geological disasters in Xining city disaster prevention work attention and support, will promote large geological disaster prevention work in governance.

at present, Xining city land resources department, environmental geological prospecting bureau and other qualified units, to complete the preparation of geological disasters in east area of Nanchuan Road Landslide Engineering, control engineering, bridge kushuigou fire debris flow disaster prevention project, landslide disaster prevention engineering pay Zhai North Road, Jia Zhuang Jia Ying – Chu – Rock landslide geological disaster prevention project, yanggouwan village flood prevention project of debris flow East District of Datong County, Maoniu mountain slope stability, landslide disaster prevention project in Datong County town of Xishan Kumbum Monastery, geological disaster prevention engineering prevention project 9 Geological Disaster Prevention Fund project feasibility study report, and has been reported to the Ministry of land and resources, reporting funds up to 333 million 224 thousand and 600 yuan. (author: Fang Xu)


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