Xining Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of the first topic of Vocational Education Dev

"Positioning and planning is to promote the cause of the development of the foundation and direction of the development of Vocational Education in our city positioning and planning? At present, the impact and constraints of the development of Vocational Education in the bottleneck? How to solve these problems……" In October 28th, the fifteen session of the thirty-first meeting of the Standing Committee on the municipal government on the "Xining implementation of the" People’s Republic of China occupation education law "of the report", the development of occupation education in the city to carry out special inquiries. This is the first time the city people’s Congress organized a special inquiry.

thematic inquiry at the end, Tong Wang made a position statement on behalf of the municipal government. She said that over the years, the Municipal People’s Congress has been concerned about supporting the development of Vocational Education in our city, and made recommendations to effectively promote the reform and development of Vocational education. The Municipal People’s Congress to carry out law enforcement inspection and thematic inquiry, the Vocational Education Law promulgated the first 19 years of law enforcement inspection, fully embodies the Municipal People’s Congress attaches great importance to vocational education. Overall, the development trend of vocational education is becoming the driving force of economic development and the improvement of people’s livelihood. However, vocational education is still the weak link in the field of education in our city, the overall level of development and the needs of economic and social development is not compatible with the expectations of the people there is a certain gap.

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