Qiang Wei visited the Riyue mountain wind power field experiment and Xining Special Steel Group

  December 16th morning, the provincial Party Secretary Qiang Wei in provincial Party committee and provincial Secretary General Shen He, accompanied by vice governor Luo Yulin, has arrived in Qinghai County of Huangyuan Xining City mountain experimental wind farms, Xining special steel group, the inspection chamber inspection of wind power field project construction situation and production management of Xining steel group.

winter plateau, although it is clear skies, the climate is unusually cold. Early in the morning, Qiang Wei and his party first came to the wind farm is located in the mountain on the inspection of construction projects. In 3 sets of vertical axis wind power generation system, Qiang Wei carefully check the wind power facilities, asked in detail about the use of wind power generator operation research, resources, wind power generation technology and the prospect of Qinghai etc.. When the vertical axis wind turbine that experimental field, has the characteristics of low starting wind speed, long operation time, low unit cost, convenient installation and maintenance, has made reform breakthrough in the field of wind power generation, Qiang Wei is very happy, he is in the best of spirits into generator room, check generator with independent core technology. Qiang Wei pointed out that the current complex economic situation, not only for us to maintain steady and rapid economic development challenges, but also bring opportunities to accelerate the restructuring and upgrading as we change the mode of development. As a clean and renewable energy industry project, it is in line with the requirements of the national industrial development direction, which is in line with the requirements of the transformation of the development mode of Qinghai. Especially Qinghai has the conditions and advantages of the richly endowed by nature in the development of clean and renewable energy, seize this advantage, the development of wind power industry, not only in Qinghai, but also has positive significance to the development of new energy strategy. The provincial Party committee and the provincial government welcomed and supported such high-tech industrial projects in Qinghai, also welcomed and supported the independent intellectual property rights of high-tech enterprises to invest and expand the market in Qinghai.

leave the mountain wind power field experiment, Qiang Wei and his entourage went to Xining special steel group. Steel splash, the roar of the machine, the production workshop is bustling, Qiang Wei into BF main control work zone building and cold rolling workshop, visited cadres and workers on the job in line, check the production enterprises, a detailed understanding of the enterprise deal with the current economic situation and the measures taken by the current operating conditions. See the enterprise normal production and sales situation is stable, Qiang Wei very pleased. Xining special steel group responsible person told the Qiang Wei, enterprises in response to the global financial crisis, take active measures to enhance the anti risk ability, production and operation of maintaining a smooth running. Qiang Wei to the cadres and workers of enterprises to pay tribute, he said, Xining special steel group of cadres and workers in the global financial crisis caused by the adverse factors before, overcome difficulties, adhere to the production, to maintain a good momentum of production and operation, we hope that spirit, work hard, overcome difficulties.


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