To celebrate the 40 anniversary of Qinghai national press in our province Tibetan books and into the

7 month 22 days, to celebrate the 40 anniversary of Qinghai Nationalities Publishing house. Reporters from the 40 anniversary of the establishment of the forum was informed that in 40 years, a total of Qinghai Nationalities Publishing House Publishing Tibetan books 2182, covering the traditional Tibetan culture, ancient and modern western civilization, religious writings Translation Publishing and electronic books, showing the traditional and modern trends go hand in hand.

it is understood that in 40 years, Qinghai national press to carry forward the excellent national culture, the spread of Chinese and foreign scientific and cultural knowledge for economic and social development in ethnic minority areas, ethnic minority areas to promote political and economic, society, culture, education and other undertakings development as the purpose, published "ten Tibetan Ming culture classics series" "new Tibetan dictionary" "Huimin library" and a large number of times with distinctive characteristics and local characteristics of books; take the national middle school and Primary School of Tibetan materials published a comprehensive task; Cang Wenwen founder of the quarterly journal "" chapter just is the only access to the China periodicals of the national literature periodicals, circulation in China Tibetan periodicals for the first time; founded "Gangchen youth" is only a China Tibetan youth, the young version of the issuance of 10000 copies each, And free of charge.

After the implementation of the cultural system reform in, the national press of Qinghai fully supported the party and the state to support the policy of the publication of ethnic minorities, and actively promoted the prosperity and development of the national publishing industry in Qinghai. As of 2015, a total of 1071 kinds of books published the first edition, the total issue price reached 50 million yuan, equivalent to the total amount of books published before 30 years. With the deep reform of rapid development of digital publication and publishing field, electronic books, audiobooks also has become a new trend in the electronic book publishing house, 2013 has been produced in various formats over 150; by the end of 2015, independently produced 20 kinds of multimedia printed books, to achieve a major breakthrough in the new media, composite the publishing field.


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