This year Xining pocketbook money ready to spend

to promote the transformation of economic development mode, to provide more social security and public services, improve the people’s happiness index…… All aspects are inseparable from the financial real gold. So, this year, the government pocketbook money to spend? How to use limited financial resources to do more practical things for the people?

in the fifteen session of the Municipal People’s Congress of the four meeting, the Municipal Finance Bureau submitted the "Xining 2012 budget implementation and budget report on the draft budget in 2013" gives the answer –

flow of funds: three rural development

arrangements for agriculture and new rural construction funds 144 million 700 thousand yuan, an increase of $37 million 500 thousand, an increase of 35%.

[account details] to improve the rural infrastructure, the development of the characteristics of the dominant industries, leisure agriculture, food basket project, support facilities agriculture, irrigation, ecological environment, etc.. Arrangement of "military enterprises build a model village project 42 million 200 thousand yuan, promoting the construction of new countryside.

capital flows two: education development

education spending 177 million 30 thousand yuan, an increase of 17.2%.

[account details] focus on supporting the standardization of school construction, primary and secondary school layout adjustment,

the development of preschool education and vocational education, "egg milk project" and the urban students.

capital flows three: tourism industry development

arrangements for the development of tourism and small and micro Hotel support funds 30 million yuan, an increase of 50%.


] key support and detailed accounts for the tourism infrastructure supply, tourism promotion, tourism development, tourism product development, build key scenic spots, continue to promote the healthy development of small and micro Hotel, promote the prosperity of the tourism market.

capital flows four: the development of the sports industry

arrange spending 53 million yuan, an increase of 43.2%.


] detailed accounts key support for the reform of cultural system, mass sports activities and places construction of radio and television, arts and crafts, cultural and creative development of the cultural industry, organizing various sports activities, enrich people’s cultural and sports life.

capital flows five: health care reform

arrange medical expenses 268 million 900 thousand yuan, an increase of $38 million 300 thousand, an increase of 16.6%.


] detailed accounts will continue to support and promote the reform of the medical and health system reform, and municipal public hospital medical equipment purchase, help establish the mechanism of subject construction and personnel training, public hospital drug addition grant to implement, establish and improve the basic public health service system, emergency response mechanism for public health emergencies, the implementation of subsidies for basic medical insurance adjustment in urban and rural areas residents.

capital flows six: social security system construction


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