Chaoyang Street to build civilized city a glimpse of a better life

"the home has the need to repair appliances can be free maintenance." Uncle, give you the amount of blood pressure bar." These cordial and simple words are seen in the area of the mine area, people feel warm.
mine district as the typical family hospital bankruptcy, aging infrastructure, destruction of green vegetables, wild advertising is a common phenomenon. Chaoyang Street and community initiative, overcome difficulties, to find the gap, promote the work, from the fine work hard to increase a city propaganda, achieved the effect of a city. Create
in the civilized city activities, and take various forms of creating the city community action in the area of a city, hanging banners, joint area youth volunteer obligation to clean up the dead garbage, do daily cleaning work, in conjunction with the street enforcement squadron to carry out the "three in one" hit the city comprehensive finishing operations, concentrate on cleaning up the mine vegetable plot, wild advertising, clean up the garden 15, clean up more than 80 wild advertising, rubbish Dead 2, 3 tons of garbage, the district residents praise, and the area of the residential building among the debris cleared, in support of district urban construction Bureau, complete cell defect covers 7, in mine district area is my home, you rely on beautiful "consciousness has been formed.


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