High voltage electric batons actually sell

According to the provisions of the Qinghai

news network, electric batons are police equipment, is the state expressly restricted circulation of goods, any person to buy and sell through the relevant departments of the license. However, it is hard to believe that the electric batons can be bought in ordinary shops. Recently, the reporter in the provincial capital of 71 Road, a department of labor insurance supplies found on the Department of the general merchandise was sold as a high-voltage batons.

– high voltage electric batons free to sell

at noon on May 8th, the reporter went to the 71 Road, a person close to the point of view of the bus stop near a labor supplies Distribution Department said that the shop has a baton to sell. Subsequently, the reporter pretending to be a company’s procurement staff, when the boss learned to buy a few electric batons, immediately warm up.

see the reporters on the electric batons of interest, the boss from the counter and picked up a playing, it self-defense is very useful, it is only 300 thousand volts, just touch it, people will be able to power a few meters away, in a very short period of time can be lost and the ability to attack against each other. See reporters face suspicion, the boss from the counter took a razor like the baton said: "the relatively small 800 thousand volt, but not at the waist, is also very easy to use, the price is only 420 yuan." Then, the boss will stretch electric batons away, and then gently press the button on the front of the metal nail, electric batons immediately heard bursts of intense shock sound, and emits blue light, "snapping" spark stinging eyes, makes people shiver all over though not cold.

unannounced visits to reporters found that these electric batons are "three noes" products, not only simple packaging, but there is no brand, manufacturers and production date.

– police attack

May 10th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau in accordance with the city public security brigade clues, immediately organized the police, the Ministry of labor supplies Distribution Department for inspection.

3 o’clock in the afternoon, the police posing as consumers came to this labor supplies Distribution Department, when the boss took the electric batons to the police recommended, waiting to enter the shop immediately in other police outside, the electric batons in the counter all seized. The boss was also taken to the public security organs for further investigation.

according to the city Bureau order brigade relevant source, electric batons belonging to police equipment, is the state explicitly restrict the circulation of goods, is not allowed without permission to sell or purchase, only the relevant administrative departments for approval before the sale or to buy, and to hold a letter of introduction and in the Ministry of public security door registration and filing. According to the regulations, as police special police, individuals may hold and use, therefore, ordinary citizens holding batons are illegal. (author: Zhang Na)

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electrical engineering with more than 1000 Volts high voltage, the higher the voltage, the greater the power, the greater the possibility of injury. The human body is injured by electric shock;

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