Bus city Xining will create a new business card

Xining municipal government and the Provincial Department of Transportation Department of transportation transit city to create a model city according to the requirements, according to the Xining city traffic, the scientific development of urban public transport to create work plan, leading the development of the city, to alleviate traffic congestion and achieve energy saving, protecting and improving people’s livelihood, to build the city buses, which will become a new city of Xining the city name card.

it is understood that the Provincial Communications Department, municipal government to seize the opportunity to work in accordance with the requirements of the "transit city model city declaration, carefully prepared the" Xining city public transport development report "," Xining create transit city plan ", and strictly control the" transit city evaluation index system ", the scientific development of urban public transport to create work clear plan, construction goal, construction of key and safeguard measures, investment budget and financing plan, schedule, and orderly conduct of the city to declare the work of creation.

in recent years, Xining city to give priority to the development of public transport as an important measure to alleviate people’s quality of life, enhance the construction of traffic congestion, traffic smooth implementation of the project, to guide the public to choose bus travel, to create a good traffic environment. In recent years, a total investment of 1 billion 435 million yuan, the urban transformation of the main transport node, open up the broken road, improve the infrastructure of city public transportation, optimize the road traffic network; invested nearly 300 million yuan to complete the update 31 bus lines. At the end of August this year, Xining has opened a bus route 78 bus station, built in 1927, the total length of 1307.7 km of bus operation, providing a convenient, safe, green and economic conditions of 1858 buses to the people in the city. (author: Wang Qiong)


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