Chronic illness is still in the construction of the health and pull thorns urgent

National Health City National Review soon!

can be built in our city there are still a lot of health!

further increase the concentration of urgent!

take the initiative to attack, Jian Jian thorn, imminent!

July 17th, the newspaper had to do a good job in the city of Ai Wei supervision issues reflect the concentration of exposure, the relevant departments of the four districts quickly increased the intensity of rectification, and achieved remarkable results. However, the city of Ai Wei steering group after the inspection found that the four districts are still varying degrees of the existence of a variety of construction standards do not meet the problem.


city behind the garbage corner

There are

– five dead garbage under a bridge.

fifteen in the south side of the unit there is a dead corner garbage.

—- a printing area has a lot of garbage dead.

– Mao Sheng Si village there are dead garbage cleaning, removal is not timely.

– the central business district of the central area of the existence of waste.

hot water coal mine residential area of the existence of garbage waste site.

* Square Decoration garbage clean-up is not timely, there are a lot of garbage around the square on the east side of the family building.

city love health office commented:

only a clean city, the public can be refreshed, the city can attract guests from all directions. The main road is clean and tidy, and the garbage in the back alley is the weak link in the construction of the city, which requires us to find a solution as soon as possible.

ills two:

dirty and poor occupation of building demolition site

– provincial pharmaceutical factory on the west side of the construction waste clean-up is not timely.

– Jinke triumph Plaza site materials stacked disorderly, garbage everywhere, toilet smell great.

– Vietnam International Plaza site there are a lot of garbage dead corner, poor sanitation and sanitation site.

– xiadou Jingyuan site garbage clean-up is not timely, the site management is not standardized sanitation toilets, dirty and messy.

– tamie city site waste disposal site is not timely, dirty and messy health.

– Howard oasis homes site construction waste disposal is not timely.

city love health office commented:

Since the

establishment work, some large construction or demolition site became the city sanitation management weakness, a lot of the site into a landfill, while the appearance of serious damage, also affected the normal production and life of nearby residents. ;

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