Let the forest into the city to embrace the public

Xining played great strides towards the National Forest City horn! The news came out, the general public is very pleased, very looking forward to! People say, my city forest fresh air, everywhere wind raised the willow branches; my heart of the forest city, rich multicolored decorations, brilliant purples and reds; my heart of the forest city, remembrance of a friend, Cuise flow……

from the beginning of the 1950s "Qinghai mountain no grass, to create a successful" China excellent tourism city "," national garden city "," national sanitary city ", a change and an amazing and exciting place! Today with a very firm determination, we are full of passion to start again! In the municipal government under the leadership of the city’s forestry, and about 2200000 people together to set foot on the road to create a forest city! We want to move to forest city, moved to the suburbs, the most suitable for human living environment and the most suitable for people’s life and social environment together, and strive to build Xining into a modern city, more prosperous forest more beautiful, more livable.

2015: basic to achieve the standard

construction to make the city into the forest, let the forest city to embrace the "beautiful Xining", to create a national forest city in Xining city implementation plan "clearly pointed out that the city in 2015 and strive to basically reach the national standard of forest city construction.

Construction Policy: Mattel strategy, key tree for

construction overall goal: strive to basically reach the National Forest City standards in 2015

to 2015, the forest coverage rate, urban green coverage rate, village greening rate reached 32%, 40% and 31% respectively, urban per capita green area increased to 12 square meters, the new ground parking lot canopy coverage rate reached 32%, the waterfront greening rate of 85%, greening rate of 82%, the city water source forest coverage rate more than 70%, the new ecological culture demonstration base 3, the initial formation of "space city forest ecosystem pattern of a nuclear two zone and three axis, the city of Victoria, many industrial parks, build" city in the forest floor in the tree, in the green, forest and water dependent, Lin Lu embedded "the forest city development pattern.

construction concept: Plateau Huacheng, forest Xining, charm of summer

plateau Huacheng – fully demonstrate Xining’s natural landscape of great beauty and rape flowers, tulips, lilac et flowers characteristics. A large number of application of plateau characteristics of flowers, to create a large-scale landscape of flowers, to create a more attractive landscape of the city of the city of high – altitude lilac.

forest, Xining, relying on the natural landscape of Xining, building the plateau characteristic forest city. Through the forest city construction, formed in the city surrounding forest landscape as the background, the city park, road, waterfront landscape forest base, small green to supplement the city forest system, build the city rich plateau ecological forest environment affinity.

summer – Xining forest fully embody the charm of city people;

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